The Best of Aquarius Strengths and Spiritual Gifts

Aquarius, you are everyone’s favorite rebel! You bring fresh, new direction to the lives of the people you touch. Today we’re celebrating Aquarius strengths and unique spiritual gifs. I’m also sharing custom, spiritual self care practices just for you.

Plus I’ll explain why the heck the water bearer is actually an air sign (did you think you were water? Nope!)

Aquarius Basics

  • Birth Dates: January 20 – February 18

  • Symbol: Water Bearer

  • Birth Stone:  Garnet (Jan), Amethyst (Feb)

  • Ruling Planet: Uranus

  • Element: Air

  • Ruling Chakra: Root

  • Duality: Divine Masculine/Assertive

Aquarius Strengths

Outgoing, fun, and unapologetically you, Aquarius is the bridge that brings people together.

Oh, Aquarius, you are unique and totally relatable all at the same time!

Wherever you go, you make strangers feel like they’ve just found their new best friend. Yours is such a unique combination of gifts: highly social and comfortable in your skin, you set people at ease in a way that makes them feel free to be themselves. 

Naturally self-assured, you live on your own terms and couldn’t possibly care less what others think of your choices. You have strong opinions about certain topics, but what sets you apart is that you don’t want to waste time defending them.

In fact, when you discover you have opposing beliefs with someone, you’re perfectly content to skip over that topic, and focus on your commonalities instead. Light hearted good times are far more attractive to you than heated debates. 

In addition, you fully embrace the notion of ‘live and let live’. You don’t try to persuade others to change their views to match yours, and expect the same courtesy in return.

Your laid back tolerance combined with your firm personal boundaries are at the root of your Aquarius magic: you are very strong willed but peaceful at the same time. This is what makes you so popular! 

Aquarius Spiritual Gifts: Friendly, Confident, Individualistic

Outside looking in, it’s a safe bet that your life appears different than others’ in some way. The Aquarius zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Uranus, named after the Greek god of the sky.

As a result, you embrace the unconventional, as your comfort zone reaches farther than most (you may even have a bit of a rebellious streak). 

This can range from moving to another country, to pursuing a high risk business venture, or being first in the family to break tradition. However it manifests, you simply must follow your own personal compass, and you will break away from the crowd if the situation calls for it.     

While it’s true you’re an independent, spontaneous soul, Aquarius is influenced by the air element, which means you view your world through the eyes of intellect. You’re not a very emotional person; in fact, when someone over-indulges in their feelings, you may see it as a sign of weakness.

This is an understandable trait if you consider the season in which were born: deep winter has historically been a time to toughen up, in order to withstand the elements.

Aquarius vibes are based in strength and good old fashioned street smarts.

Aquarius Weaknesses

You are one smart cookie, Aquarius. But some issues can’t be resolved through logic. When it comes to matters that weigh heavy on your heart, you’re inclined to avoid your feelings. 

This seems ironic since your sign is the water bearer! After all, the water element represents deep emotion and intuition. But if you look at your zodiac symbol below, you’ll see the Aquarian is the one pouring water for others – not the one drinking it.    

Let this be a loving reminder to embrace your feelings, especially the ones that make you uncomfortable. They arise as intuitive guidance, pointing out what’s important to you.

Remember, negative emotion is always temporary, and you’ll return to your natural, light hearted state much faster if you allow them to process and release.

Plus, it will lead to deeper connections with the people you love most. This is not a sign of weakness, dear friend, but of wisdom. 

We all know you’re tough as nails! But believe it or not, the more you tap into your softer side, the more powerful you become.

Drawing of AquariusWaterBearer
Aquarius zodiac symbol is the water bearer.

Who’s Aquarius Compatible With?

Best Romantic Matches: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

As an Aquarius, you are approachable, outgoing, and love connecting with others. So you’ll have lots of fun playing with Air signs like other Aquarians, Gemini and Libra

These people can match your quick wit and appreciate your sense of humor. You’ll also enjoy the fiery, adventurous spirit of Sagittarius.  

On the other hand, your patience may be tried with watery Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

These souls experience everything through emotion first. They feel deeply, are romantic, and highly sensitive. But to your logical Aquarius mind, these spiritual gifts can translate to dramatic and high maintenance.

With that said, our opposites can offer us great spiritual lessons and personal growth. A willingness to learn from each other is the key component to any successful partnership.     

Are you paired up with a Fire/Air sign, Aquarius? Share with a comment below! 

How To Attract Aquarius

Has an Aquarius caught your eye? Here are some pointers for a healthy and peaceful partnership with your favorite water bearer.

For starters, Aquarians enjoy a full schedule. They are social creatures who don’t like to be bored for too long. So if you’re trying to impress, you might consider planning various outings and activities.

Aquarius is pretty low maintenance, but they’re also energetic, so they need more stimuli than just sitting in front of the TV every Saturday night. 

How do you know if Aquarius is attracted to you? You’ll know it right away because they’ll hop into your life with both feet. While they will reserve their deepest emotions at first, they do trust their first impressions of people, and see little risk in putting themselves out there.

Aquarius enjoys a fairly healthy self image and isn’t preoccupied with irrational fears of rejection (why on earth would anyone reject them? Absurd!)  

Also know that you’ll enjoy plenty of freedom in your relationship with Aquarius. They are independent and confident, which means they rarely get jealous. If you’re looking for a fun, helpful, easy going partner who thinks outside the box, Aquarius is your person. 

Warning: Neediness and irrational emotional outbursts are Aquarius repellant. So if you weigh them down with drama, your water bearer will have no choice but to cut you loose.

Aquarius Friends + Family

Aquarians are famous humanitarians (Oprah is a prime example). So it probably doesn’t faze you to befriend people from varying sexual orientations, religions, or political backgrounds.

Your zodiac sign is ruled by Uranus, god of the sky. So just as people in every corner of the world can look up and see the same sky, you have a familiar quality about you that disarms people and draws them to you. 

As a result, people will make a b-line to sit next to you at family gatherings or functions that would otherwise be boring. You can always find something interesting to discuss, and that takes the pressure off the rest of us.

You make a straight forward and honest advisor. So when a friend needs a dose of reality or some practical wisdom, they’ll likely find their way to you. While you are accepting and kind, sugar coating isn’t your style. We can always trust you to give it to us straight, Aquarius!

Aquarius Career and Life Purpose

Community is important to you, and you want to contribute to your tribe in meaningful ways. 

In some capacity, you’re interested in making your world a better place. Whether you choose a career in public service, or run a tight ship at home for your family, others lives are better with you in it. 

Aquarius carries divine masculine energy, meaning you are naturally assertive, and tend to be organized, logical, and comfortable directing others. You’re also a natural when it comes to communication and language.

So any career that makes use of your mixed bag of gifts will suit you well. You’d especially make a wonderful teacher, social worker, or anything that allows you to connect with people.  

How have you put your Aquarius magic to work? Leave a comment below and tell me what you do! 

Aquarius Tarot Card

Well, naturally your tarot card is The Star – the mark of the visionary! In this version of the card from Angel Tarot,  you’ll see our water bearer pouring from two urns that never seem to run out.

She has complete faith that her needs will be met, and as a result, the universe provides all the resources she could ever need. Her creation flows onto this beautiful scene, nurturing everything in its path.

This is what makes Aquarius so special: you have such strong faith in your own abilities that you can easily manifest whatever you want for yourself and others. You bring optimism and hope to our world!   

The Star tarot card
This is the Star card from Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot Deck. Doesn’t it capture the energy of Aquarius strengths beautifully?

Archangel Connected to Aquarius

The Aquarius Zodiac Sign is connected to Archangel Uriel. His name means ‘light of God’ and he’s the level-headed intellectual of the Archangel lineup. 

Uriel knows you excel in detaching from emotion in order to take logical action. This is a wonderful trait! But he can also help you to get in touch with your emotional intelligence.

Don’t worry, he won’t turn you into a pile of mush! But do call on him when you’re in a situation that calls for extra empathy and compassion. He will guide you through it.

Spiritual Self-Care for Aquarius

Healthy Habits to Nourish Aquarius Strengths

Meditate. Sitting quietly without distractions may sound like a punishment to you, but this is exactly why you need it! You live in your head, and it will do you good to learn how to quiet your mind. 

Exercise. You are an energetic soul, and you need to move that beautiful body in order to blow off steam.    

Make time for friends. You’re one of the most social signs of the zodiac! You’ll feel your best when your favorite people are a regular part of your life. 

Best Crystals for Aquarius

Aquarius Chakra Healing

The Aquarius zodiac sign is ruled by the root chakra. All about being grounded, logical, and stead. The root is your power chakra, or the one you relate to most. 

You enjoy a natural sense of belonging and you’re a straight shooter. If you ever feel out of tune with these gifts, do some root chakra healing.

One of the easiest things to do root chakra affirmations. Check these out next: 49 Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations to Feel Stable and Grounded

On the other hand, your  heart chakra may need some extra attention, since one of the challenges of your sign is getting comfortable with deep emotion.

As mentioned above, you can call on Archangel Uriel to assist you with this, try some heart heaking affirmations: 39 Heart Chakra Affirmations for Soothing and Inner Peace

They will help to release emotions you’ve stuffed away to be dealt with later, so you can make room for more joy.  

Affirmation for Aquarius:

All of my emotions are sacred and helpful.

Aquarius affirmation: all of my emotions are sacred and helpful.

Spiritual Leaders With Aquarius Zodiac Sign


Aquarius, you have a way of focusing on what makes us all the same, as opposed to what makes us different. For that reason, you make the world feel like a more familiar and welcoming place for us all.

I loved connecting to your energy! Did you learn something new about your Aquarius strengths? Leave a comment below.

XO,  Andrea

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