What’s Your Spirit Animal?

Since ancient times, cultures all over the world have believed each of us is accompanied by spirit animals, who guide us through our human experience.These special celestial helpers phase in and out of our lives based on our needs; loyally walking, swimming and flying beside us, lending us their skills and unique energy.  Our connection to the animal kingdom is so important, not only in spirituality, but in every day life. Their simplicity, freedom, and trust in their own instincts make animals powerful archetypes for us all.

Spirit Animal Meditation

You can find your spirit animal easily through meditation. The guided meditation below will reveal the spirit animal that is most prevalent for you right now. Listen to the audio, or scroll down to read.

Spirit Animal Meditation Script

Knowing your spirit animal will help you to harness its power. I suggest you read this through entirely before getting started. You don’t have to memorize it by any means! And remember, there is no such thing as a failed meditation, so if you end up veering away from the script a bit, no worries. Don’t be concerned that you won’t get any results – you most certainly will!

Prepare for Meditation

First, find a place where you won’t be disturbed for about 10 minutes or so, even if it’s in bed just before going to sleep. Consider this time a gift to yourself; put your worries of the day on pause. Sit or lay comfortably, with eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths to relax, then return to a natural breathing rhythm. Focus on your breathing until you feel settled and calm.

Boost Your Meditation Experience

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When you feel ready, imagine you are standing on a beautiful pathway surrounded by trees, flowers and grass. Feel the cool earth under your feet, and the warm sun shining down on your body. The air smells fresh and clear.  You are feeling very relaxed and safe.

As you begin to walk down this path, you see it leads to a more heavily wooded area, with a beautiful garden archway marking the entrance. This archway may be golden, iron, white, or perhaps it’s completely covered in foliage. This is your own, personal entrance into the spirit animal realm. Whatever comes into your mind’s eye is perfect.

Continue to walk toward the archway, becoming more deeply relaxed with every step. When you reach the entrance, you see it opens up to a small clearing, with a place for you to sit, right in the middle; you may see a chair, swing, or a blanket on the grass. Walk to the center of the clearing and sit comfortably. You still feel the warm sun, hear the sounds of nature and feel completely at ease. Notice the breathtaking landscape that surrounds you. You may see flowers, trees, streams, perhaps there are mountains in the distance.

You are now ready to call on your spirit animal. Politely ask your spirit animal to reveal itself to you. Happy to meet with you, your animal partner will begin to make its way toward you, emerging from the woods, sky or water. Who approaches? What areas of your life is s/he helping you with? What traits is s/he here to teach you? Does s/he have a name? Ask any other questions that come to mind.

When your visit is over, thank your spirit animal for meeting with you.  Stand, and walk out of the clearing, through the archway, and back onto the path from which you came.

Ending Your Meditation

When you’re ready to come out of meditation, begin to make small movements, like wiggling your fingers and toes. You may want to stretch your arms overhead, as if you were just waking up from sleep. Slowly open your eyes, and roll to one side if you were were lying down. When you’re ready, sit up. consider journaling your experience.

Work With Your Spirit Animal

Now that you’ve identified your spirit animal, you can head on over to Spirit Animal Info to learn more about your spirit animal’s magic. Feel free to call on your spirit animal whenever you’re in needs of it’s unique gifts. You may even begin to notice them more often in physical form, or in pictures.Know that whenever you see one, this is your spirit animal’s way of sending you a special sign!If you’re ready to open your third eye more, check out our Ultimate Guide to Your Third Eye Chakra.XO,  Andrea

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3 thoughts on “What’s Your Spirit Animal?”

  1. Loved this! I was delighted to see my faithful wolf emerge from the woods, but was even more surprised to see a small lamb come from the other direction. They both joined me in the center of the clearing and it was obvious they were very happy to see me, as well as each other. Thank you for a beautiful meditation!


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