How To Use Abundance Checks For New Moon Manifesting

Are you ready to manifest more prosperity? Then you’ve got to try using abundance checks. Writing abundance checks is a fun, easy, and powerful way to attract more cashflow, with a little help from the universe.

Do you ever feel like you hit a wall whenever you try to break out of your financial limits? You are not alone, my friend! While it may sound simple, abundance is a mindset, and manifesting tools like abundance checks can help you make the shift.

You deserve all of the abundance in the world, in all areas of life!

Of course, abundance comes in many forms. But financial prosperity is a big key to a life that allows you to thrive and live your dreams.

Money, just like anything else is all about vibration. So your first step in manifesting more money is to heal your relationship with it. Abundance checks are one tool that can help you to do just that. So let’s get started.

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What Are Abundance Checks?

Abundance checks, or manifestation checks, are (‘pretend’) paper checks that you make out to yourself. They serve as a tangible reminder of your manifestation goals.

Abundance checks are a symbol of your intentions, which means they’re sacred and powerful.  

Do Abundance Checks Work?

Yes they do, provided you do your part. Every manifesting tool is effective as you will allow it to be.

In other words, you need to keep your mind and heart open to new possibilities. Your positive expectations are the magic ingredient that make tools like abundance checks so effective!

How Do Abundance Checks Work?

Abundance checks, like all other manifesting tools, work because of law of attraction.

When you focus your attention on filling out your manifestation check, you become a vibrational match to abundance.

So how do can you tell if you’re vibing on the same wave as financial prosperity? You’ll actually feel good when you think about money! Your emotions are your indicator of how close a vibrational match you are to your desire.

For example, take a moment now to think about money and your relationship to it as it stands today. How does it make you feel?

Find yourself find the closest match on the emotional guidance scale and see where you land. If you’re within the range of 1-7, then you’re right on track to attract more money into your life.

If not, that’s totally okay. Use the abundance checks to rally positive emotions.  

How To Write Abundance Checks

First, you need some blank checks! You have a few options here:

decide if you want to create your own abundance checks or buy some.

  • Make your own – I am so not artsy, guys. But Zanna Keithly has some free printables for you to download. Otherwise, you can just write one on paper, like my example below.
  • Buy some manifesting checks on Amazon – they’re very inexpensive, and you can photocopy them to make more!
abundance check example
Here’s my example 💚That’s supposed to be a cresent moon in the memo, above the heart. As I said, not artsy!

These abundance checks from Amazon are a lot cuter than mine, lol. The back of the checks say “Dear Universe, I am so grateful for your generous presence in my life.” I just love that!

But it really doesn’t matter what your check looks like, as long as you fill it out with intention.

How To Fill Out Your Abundance Checks

Bank Name – The checks on Amazon show the bank name in the upper left corner ‘Universal Bank of Abundance’. Love it!

Pay To The Order Of – Put your full name here. This is official business!

Date – Pick a target date based on your goals. It can be as far out into the future as you want.

Dollar Amount – This can be any amount that you want.

Memo – How will you spend your money? Write it on the memo line.

You can approach this in one of two ways: go big and write yourself a check for a million dollars, or any large sum of money.

Or, if you begin to shift out of excitement and toward doubt when you think about receiving that much abundance, then start smaller. Write yourself a check for $1000, or something that feels more realistic to you.

Find a nice balance between thinking beyond your limits, while still being able to hold onto that glimmer of expectation. Everyone’s number is going to be different.

Also, keep your angel numbers in mind when you’re choosing your dollar amount:

  • 1 – new beginnings
  • 2 – harmony and is a sign that all is well
  • 3 – ascended masters are with you
  • 4 – safety and stability
  • 5 – happy changes
  • 6 – material abundance
  • 7 – divine magic
  • 8 – infinite possibility
  • 9 – closing chapters and moving on

Also, number sequences are a sign that everything is in order.

For example, I wrote my abundance check for $678,000.00 as a message to myself that everything is lining up for me to receive the resources necessary to buy my new home.

Do whatever feels right to you, but pick your dollar amount with meaning! It will make the experience more powerful.

When To Write Abundance Checks

You can write yourself one whopping abundance check for the new year, on your birthday, or any time you feel guided to invite more abundance into your life. The frequency is entirely up to you.

But if you follow the moon cycles, the energy of the new moon will support your manifesting goals perfectly. The new moon is all about starting fresh and opening new chapters.

So writing yourself an abundance check during the new moon will make the experience extra magical. If you want to take it to the next level, here’s a sweet little manifesting ritual for you!

New Moon Abundance Check Ritual

You can do a new moon ritual anwhere within a day or two before or after the new moon. Anytme of day is totally fine too, although I prefer to do my rituals in the evening. There’s just too much on my mind during the day.

The first step in any ritual is to prepare a space where you won’t be disturbed.

Next, gather your supplies and set the mood for your sacred ritual. This is your time to connect with your soul, and call on the universe to co-create with you.

Here are some items to create a calming, high vibrational space where you can focus. Everything is optional, so pick and choose as you see fit:

  • Your blank abundance check and a pen
  • Candles (fire raise the vibration of your space)
  • Soothing music
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Solar plexus chakra oils for worthiness

Once your space is prepared, open with an intention. For example:

I now call on the power that creates worlds to co-create my abundant future. Please guide me to the smoothest, most enjoyable path toward my desires. I am ready to welcome limitless prosperity into my life.

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Next, write your abundance check and aloud say, “make it so”.

At this point, your work is done. Place your abundance check in the home you’ve chosen for it, and surrender the rest to the universe.

If you want more ways to manifest under the new moon, read this next: New Moon Rituals for Manifestation in 2022

What To Do With Your Abundance Checks

Once you’ve written your abundance check, it needs a home! Here are some ideas:

Inside a manifestation box. If you don’t have a manifestation box, you can read about how to make one here: Best Manifestation Box Ideas To Make Your Dreams Reality

But basically, it’s a small box containing items that represent your desires.

So in the case of financial wealth, your manifestation box may include:

  • a piece of jade for abundance
  • cut-outs from magazines of items you plan to buy. 
  • a written affirmation that captures how you’ll feel when the money flows into your experience.

Your abundance check will make a perfect addition to your manifestation box.

In your manifestation journal. Do you keep manifesting journal? It’s such a good way to affirm your desires, track your progress, and it makes a lovely retreat whenever you needed a boost of motivation.

You can learn more about manifesting journals here: The Best Tips On How To Start A Manifestation Journal

Under your pillow. Set intentions to have meaningful dreams that will guide you toward your abundance.

Inside your wallet. Carry your abundance check with you, so whenever you spend money, you’re reminded that more is coming to you.

Jim Carrey filled out his abundance check for $10 million kept it in his wallet over the years. It came true right down to the dollar and the day! 

You can watch him talk about it with Oprah in this video. It’s a spectacularly inspirational story.


Are you excited to start manifesting with abundance checks? I would love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment!

I’m wishing you all the abundance in the world – you deserve to receive. For more help manifesting prosperity, read this next: 7 Best Money Affirmations (and how to get fast results)

XO, Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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