Moon Phase Meanings (For Manifesting)

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Let’s talk about moon phase meanings! The moon can affect your emotions, creativity, and even your physical cycles. When you become aware of its power, you can use it to amplify your intentions. Each moon phase offers its own unique magic.  

Small but mighty, our moon is an energetic powerhouse that conducts the rise and fall of ocean tides here on Earth. Your human body is over 60% water as well. So it’s no wonder that mama moon can have an effect on you. The Moon represents the Divine Feminine, or goddess counterpart to the male/god energy of the Sun. 

Since divine feminine energy is all about receiving, the moon is the perfect ally to help you manifest upgrades in your life.

New Moon Phase Meaning

Themes: Fresh Starts, Planning, Creation, Rebirth

Scientific Meaning of New Moon

The phases of the moon depend on where it is in relation to our Sun. During a New Moon, the Sun casts its light on the side of the moon that’s not facing Earth. So it isn’t visible to us. Mama moon is actually up during the daytime in this phase, but you can’t see her.

Spiritual Meaning of New Moon

New moon is the ideal phase to start a project or begin work toward a new goal. Solidify your intentions by writing them down in detail. Creativity is high in this phase, so pay extra attention to any ideas or solutions that pop into your head; even your dreams can be prophetic. New moon is also a great time to break any bad habits or unhealthy patterns you’re ready to toss by the wayside. Whatever your desire, this is the best phase to start anew. You’re planting a seed in the ground here, and you’ll help it grow, with the power of your thoughts, words and actions. 

The theme of this very important phase is creation and rebirth, so be sure to give it the attention it deserves, in any way that you feel guided to do so. You may even feel more physically energetic around the new moon. This is your fresh start; a time for bright, new beginnings – and you get one every month! What could be more comforting?

New Moon Birthdays

If your birthday falls on a new moon, its a strong sign that you’re beginning a significant new chapter in your life. New ideas are about to hatch! Notice what you feel inspired to learn and don’t be afraid to follow your curiosities. This is your intuition at work, helping you plant the seeds of tomorrow.  

If you were born on a new moon, you are more likely to see the world through fresh eyes. Embrace your natural sense of wonder, because one of your spiritual gifts is your ability to see beauty and potential in all things. 

new moon phase in gold watercolor on white background

New Moon Ritual

As we’ve said, this is a time to create. What are you ready to begin? Write your intentions down on paper. Either keep them in a special journal. Or rip the paper out of the journal and bury it in the ground as a symbolic gesture. You are planting seeds that will eventually grown into physical experiences for you, so this is a sacred time. 

Crystals for New Moon

Crystals can help you manifest for your new beginning. They will amplify your intentions.  You can bury one with your paper as part of your new moon ritual, or place them atop your journal, or in your home. Anything that will remind you of the magic taking place to bring your intentions to life. Be creative!

Here are the best crystals to use to set intentions for the new moon. Notice the ones you’re intuitively drawn to. Click their images to learn more: 

Clear Quartz amplifies your intentions, and is good for every moon phase.

Citrine is all about success and abundance. Use it to support your new intentions.

Labradorite taps into your intuition and creativity. It protects your newly set intentions and ushers in perfect timing. 

Depending on your intention, consider adding any of these:

Waxing Moon Phase Meaning

Themes: Fine Tuning, Growth, Momentum

Scientific Meaning of Waxing Moon

As she travels eastward on her journey around Earth, the moon becomes visible a few days after the new moon. You can catch a silver crescent in the evening sky, as the setting sun lights up a fraction of her face. Technically, the waxing moon has 3 sub-phases:

  • Waxing Crescent – this is the term used when the moon is less than half full
  • First Quarter – the moon looks exactly half lit in the sky. This is the one quarter mark on her monthly journey around the earth
  • Waxing Gibbous – the moon is mostly lit, but not quite yet full

Spiritual Meaning of Waxing Moon

As we see that bright crescent begin to light up the night sky more and more, continue working toward your intentions. This moon phase means it’s time to refine goals, meet obstacles head on, and get organized, as your intentions gain momentum. Waxing moon’s magic supports activities around visualizing, building, and creating. In order to ensure your precious new seedling begins to sprout, its very important to keep your thoughts positive and focused. 

Remember that tomorrow’s experiences are a result of today’s thoughts, so don’t accidentally manifest what you don’t want by dwelling on your worries; low-vibe energy is like poison to your newly planted dreams. Trust that your desires are manifesting!

Waxing Moon Birthdays

If your birthday lands on the waxing moon, it means you are well on your way to laying a solid foundation for your manifestations. Take inventory of the areas of your life that are going right, and give them all your focus. You’re on the cusp of turning those thoughts into things, so give all your attention to what you want to create more of in the coming year.

If you were born during a waxing moon,  you’re probably a natural at finding your balance. You came into the world and hit the ground running! Your spiritual gifts include energy, motivation, and the ability to bring your desires to life quickly. 

Waxing Moon Ritual

You want to continue to build up the powerful energy you conjured during the new moon. So don’t hold back now! Look for evidence of your desires coming to fruition during this phase.The waxing moon phase lasts about one week.  

Set time aside to visualize your desires manifesting. Hold one of these stones in your hand, or place it under your pillow while you meditate on your positive outcome. 

Crystals for Waxing Moon

Dumortierite is a supportive stone that will help keep you organized and confident.  

Lepidolite will help you to trust your desires are unfolding. It also helps you receive intuitive guidance to keep you on your path.

Obsedian will help keep you grounded and focused as you move toward your positive outcome. 

Full Moon Phase Meaning

Themes: Out With The Old, In With The New

Scientific Meaning of Full Moon

We all know what this phase looks like! The side of the moon that faces Earth is completely illuminated by the sun.  A bright, full circle moon becomes visible just as the sun begins to set, and hangs in the night sky until sunrise.  We have a full moon every month, and each one has a special name and specific spiritual meaning. You can find each month’s full moon name and meaning right here

Spiritual Meaning of Full Moon

A quick word about the full moon and you. Lunar energies are at their peak during the full moon and sensitive people can feel it.  You may notice you feel more emotional. Maybe your sleep patterns are slightly off. Your four legged friends may seem a bit restless. If full moon magic feels a bit overwhelming to you, that’s perfectly natural (they don’t call it ‘lunacy’ for nothing!). Once you make the connection that you’re simply picking up on the energy of this moon phase, you’ll feel settled. 

While full moon can feel slightly uncomfortable, this is a fruitful time! Your focus during the week of the full moon should be twofold: celebrating the harvest of new moons past, and gently releasing anything that no longer serves you.  This isn’t a time of forceful action, but of allowing and reflection. 

Be sure to acknowledge all the wonderful progress you’ve made towards your goals so far, and tie up any loose ends. Listen to your body’s requests for extra rest, and consider meditation to restore clarity if things are feeling chaotic.

Full Moon Birthdays

Buckle up because this year you’re at full power! If your birthday happens when the moon is full, its a sign you’re serious about kicking to the curb any patterns, people, and situations that no longer serve you. Your year ahead is all about upgrades. Set your intentions for what you want to keep and what you want to toss this year. Be sure to make plenty of room for new gifts from the universe! 

If you were born on a full moon, you came in swinging, my friend! Your spiritual gifts include the ability to turn anything into an exciting adventure, not to mention your deeply passionate heart. 

full moon phase in gold watercolor on white background

Full Moon Ritual

This is the perfect time for release work! It’s important to review what’s no longer serving you so you can make room for positive experiences to flow into your life. What have you learned up to this point? Has a relationship run its course? Do you need to let go of self-doubt or fear? Write down everything taking up precious space in your mind and heart. Then, burn the paper.  Use the crystals below to get inspired.

This is also a great time to make moon water with your crystals!

Crystals for Full Moon

Moonstone enhances divine feminine energy and intuition. 

Amethyst enhances telepathy and lucid dreaming. It also invites peace. 

Selenite has a super high vibe. It offers protection, peace, and clarity about lessons learned.

Full moon is also a great time to charge your crystals! Place your crystals on a window sill or outside at night. As they soak up energy from the moon, their healing power will recharge.

Waning Moon Phase Meaning

Themes: Loose Ends, Reflection, Completion

Scientific Meaning of Waning Moon

After about 3 days of appearing completely full, the moon continues her orbit around earth and begins to fall into the shadows once more. The illuminated part of her face gets smaller each evening, until the cycle begins again with another new moon. Waning moon has 3 sub-phases: 

  • waning gibbous – the moon is still mostly lit but no longer full   
  • third quarter – the moon once again looks exactly half lit, as it did in the first quarter. She’s 75% through her monthly journey around earth
  • waning crescent – a thin, upward facing crescent hangs in the night sky 

Spiritual Meaning of Waning Moon

You’ll likely feel the intense energy of the full moon begin to lighten now. Waning moon gives you the energy you need to keep that release work going: continue to break up old patterns, and address deep seated issues

Don’t go making any drastic changes here. Instead, use this time to adjust to the transformations that are taking place as a result of your hard work. Look inward, examine your path and adjust course as needed. Make time to nurture yourself, and prepare for the cycle to begin all over again.

Waning Moon Birthdays

If your birthday falls on the waning moon, take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Your year ahead is all about reflecting on how very far you’ve come. What would you like to create next? Your hard won wisdom has given you a new level of clarity that you’ll carry with you in your new chapter.

If you were born on the waning moon, you are an old soul, indeed. You’ve held tight to lessons you learned in past lives, which is one of your spiritual gifts.

waning moon phase in gold watercolor on white background

Waning Moon Ritual

It’s time to focus on grounding and appreciation. Return to your journal to list every experience you’re grateful for. Abundance has come to you in many forms over the cource of this cycle.

Think about signs you received, divine timing, milestones, and lessons. Write everything down in a dedicated journal.  Place some crystals on top of your journal page, or carry them with you to amplify your feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for what you have is a powerful magnet for more positive experiences.

Crystals for Waning Moon

Any grounding crystals are good for the waning moon. Most of them are red, grey, and black in color. Here are a couple suggestions. Click the images to find them on Amazon:

Smoky Quartz helps you feel grounded and connected to nature.  

Red Agate promotes stability and helps balance emotions.

When life feels like a random parade of ups and downs, check-in with mama moon to see what she’s got going on. The moon phase meanings behind her cycles can illuminate themes in your life and help you manifest your goals. The more you go with her flow, the easier your path will become. 

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