Moon Phase Meanings

Small but mighty, our moon is an energetic powerhouse, conducting the rise and fall of the ocean tides here on Earth. Since ancient times, the moon has represented the Divine Feminine, or goddess counterpart to the male/god energy of the sun. Becoming aware of how her phases affect our emotions, creative inspiration, and even physical cycles, can greatly enrich our human experience. 

New Moon

New moon is the ideal time to start a project or begin work toward a new goal. Solidify your intentions by writing them down in detail. Creativity is high in this phase, so pay extra attention to any ideas or solutions that pop into your head; even your dreams can be prophetic. New moon is also a great time to break any bad habits or unhealthy patterns you’re ready to toss by the wayside. Whatever your desire, this is the best phase to start anew. You’re planting a seed in the ground here, and you’ll help it grow, with the power of your thoughts, words and actions. If the gardening metaphor really resonates, you can even bury that piece of paper in the ground as a symbolic gesture. The theme of this very important phase is creation and rebirth, so be sure to give it the attention it deserves, in any way that you feel guided to do so. You may even feel more physically energetic around the new moon. This is your fresh start; a time for bright, new beginnings – and you get one every month! What could be more comforting?

Waxing Moon (First Quarter/Gibbous)

As we see that bright crescent begin to light up the night sky more and more, continue working toward your intentions. This is the perfect time to refine goals, meet obstacles head on, and get organized, as your intentions gain momentum. Waxing moon’s energy supports activities around visualizing, building, and creating. In order to ensure your precious new seedling begins to sprout, its very important to keep your thoughts positive and focused. Remember that tomorrow’s experiences are a result of today’s thoughts, so don’t accidentally manifest what you don’t want by dwelling on your worries; low-vibe energy is like poison to your newly planted dreams. Trust that your desires are manifesting!

Full Moon

Let’s start by confirming that no, you’re not crazy. Lunar energies are at their peak during the full moon and sensitive people can feel it. Period. Emotions run high, sleep patterns are disrupted, people seem to drive like maniacs, and pets often get restless. It’s entirely too easy to lose your sh*t during the full moon (they don’t call it ‘lunacy’ for nothing!). Simply being aware of why the energy feels more intense than usual, goes a long way in restoring one’s sanity. Albeit slightly uncomfortable, this is a fruitful and critical time, that should focus on harvesting from new moons past.  Be sure to acknowledge all the wonderful progress you’ve made towards your goals so far, and tie up any loose ends. This time of culmination should be coupled with release work, to make room for positive energy and experiences to flow into your life. Take this time to review what is no longer serving you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and use the moon’s intense power to shed yourself of them. Listen to your body’s requests for extra rest, and consider meditation to restore clarity if things are feeling chaotic.

Waning Moon (Third Quarter/Balsamic)

You’ll likely feel the intense energy of the full moon begin to lighten now. Waning moon gives you the energy you need to keep that release work going: continue to break up old patterns, and address deep seated issues. Don’t go making any drastic changes here. Instead, use this time to adjust to the transformations that are taking place as a result of your hard work. Look inward, examine your path and adjust course as needed. Make time to nurture yourself, and prepare for the cycle to begin all over again.

When life feels like a random parade of ups and downs, check-in with mama moon to see what she’s got going on. The astrological meanings behind her continuous cycle of intention, creation, harvest and release can illuminate themes in our lives, and offer guidance on pursuing goals. The more we go with her flow, the less resistance we create, which results in more peaceful experiences.



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Full moon photo by Alexis Antonio on Unsplash

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