33 Best Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Spiritual People

Well aren’t you a thoughtful soul, taking time to search out the perfect gifts for spiritual people in your life! You’ve found the right place, because today I’m sharing the ultimate roundup of the hands-down best gifts for spiritual people.

These items are oozing with positive energy, and you’re bound to find something that’s absolutely perfect for your spiritual friend or family member.

What Do You Buy Someone Who Is Spiritual?

When you’re choosing gifts for spiritual people, focus on items that are uplifting, thoughtful, and focus on self-care. Spiritual people are sensitive souls who can use all the pampering they can get to keep their vibes high!

I have a ton of great ideas for you, so read on, my friend. Below is the ultimate roundup of gifts for spiritual people.

1. Full Moon Ritual Spray

Without a doubt, your spiritual peeps are aware of lunar energies. This full moon ritual spray makes an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Full moon rituals are all about setting intentions for what you want to release from your life, so you can make room for something new.

This essential oils mist combines this beautiful air and body mist combines essential oils with real crystals to help amplify your intentions. This one even comes with a little instruction sheet on how to do a full moon ritual!

But what makes it extra special is that there are real crystals inside the bottle. So those can be reused when the mist is gone. Such a great gift and very inexpensive. They have new moon ritual mist as well.

2. Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Keeping with the moon theme, this moon phase wall hanging makes a beautiful addition to home decor. It’s perfect for hanging over the bed or to place in your meditation space.

The moon phases remind us that our own lives are a series of new beginnings, lessons, and endings.

So having a physical reminder that change is safe, can be very comforting. Also it’s just beautiful to look at. I love the gold!

3. Intention Box

If you know me, you know that I’m all about manifesting! A manifestation box, or intention box, is a dedicated vessel for you to place things that represent what you’d like to invite into your life.

So a beautiful wooden box like this makes an excellent spiritual gift.

If you know what your friends are working on is working on manifesting, you can even get it started for them, by placing a few items inside the box, such as:

  • crystals
  • oracle cards
  • an intention statement written on paper

Anything that symbolizes what they want to manifest belongs in a manifestation box, so get creative!

This a beautiful way to way to show your loved one that you support their dreams.

4. Grow Positive Thoughts Poster

Spiritual people all have one thing in common: it is their intention to choose positive thoughts. This is they know the thoughts you think the most will mold your life experiences.

So a sweet reminder like this grow positive thoughts poster is a perfect gift choice. Its minimalist, modern, black + white style will match any decor.

5. Singing Bowl

Spiritual people love sound therapy. It’s a deeply soothing way to raise your vibration and it’s an excellent addition to any meditation practice.

These Tibetan Singing Bowls are very reasonably priced (if you want to splurge, check out a crystal singing bowl).

These are great if the person you’re shopping for is into yoga, meditation, or working on healing any physical issues. The body responds readily to sound healing. So this makes it incredibly thoughtful gift.

6. Macrame Dream Catcher

This macramé dreamcatcher is super trendy and absolutely gorgeous. It’s in the shape of the moon which is a reminder which represents divine feminine energy, intuition, and abundance.

I love how the length of this long trailing tail really fills up the wall and softens the vibe of your space. It’s perfect for any room of the home, but especially the bedroom.

Dream catchers have been used by Indigenous Americans for centuries to filter out negativity while you sleep, so that you can experience sweet dreams.

So if your friends are into dream work or struggle with sleeping, you’ve just found the perfect gift.

7. Crystal Carfresh Diffuser

This compact little gift checks all the boxes! What a spiritual person wouldn’t want an essential oils diffuser in a crystal case?

Even if you’re not consciously thinking about it, driving in traffic has been found to raise cortisol levels. So this is a very thoughtful gift for helping to make your spiritual friends commute a little more peaceful.

The aromatherapy will soothe nerves and turn stressful commutes into an opportunity to practice mindfulness.

8. Chakra Synergies Essential Oils Set

This one is a splurge. Spiritual people are all about balancing the chakras! This chakra balancing essential oil set by Plant Therapy comes with 7 unique essential oil blends, one for each chakra.

These oils can be diffused, or placed into a spray bottle with a little splash of alcohol to make your own body mist. They will last many, many months.

This suite of oils allows your spiritual friend to choose their healing oils based on what they need in the moment.

This is a bit of an investment, but as a certified aromatherapist I can attest that you get what you pay for when it comes to essential oils. Never cheap out! The cheap stuff has no healing benefits, and your spiritual friends will know the difference.

9. Animal Communication Made Easy

We spiritual people love our furry and feathered friends! So incredibly thoughtful gift, especially if you are buying this for a pet owner or animal lover is this Animal Communication Made Easy book.

World renowned animal communicator Pea Horsley explains her heart-to-heart method for connecting with an animal’s energy so you can send and receive messages.

This is an entirely new way new level of communicating with animals that goes beyond physical behavior. Your spiritual friend will absolutely love it. Plus it has a five star reviews across the board on Amazon.

10. Moon Juice Spirit Dust

Have you heard of Moon Juice? They make these wonderful herbal blends to support all aspects of wellness.

This spirit dust blend promotes positive energy and brightens the mood. It comes with different recipe ideas and it makes a beautiful addition to any self-care ritual.

The name itself is right on the nose, and your spiritual friend will know it’s something special as soon as they see it.

There are a bunch to try, and they’re all healthy, natural, and right on trend! This is a unique gift that your spiritual friends will savor. Magnesi-Om is a ‘meditation you can sip’. I may have to try that one, myself 😉

Plus at least at the time of this writing moon juice is offering 10 bucks off and free shipping on your first purchase. Can’t beat that!

11. Salt Lamp

When looking for gifts for spiritual people, you cannot go wrong with a salt lamp. I keep one in the bedroom and turn it on those mornings when I wake up before the sun.

Salt lamps give off negatively charged ions which help to clear the energy of the room and uplift emotions. It also gives off a beautiful peachy pink glow.

Salt lamps are basically a huge chunk of pink salt formation, which carries energies of the earth and water elements.

The dimmable switch on this one makes it a great night light or mood setter for meditation time.

12. Smudge Kit

Have you ever heard of smudging? Your spiritual friends definitely have.

Smudging is the burning of secret herbs. Indigenous Americans have been doing this for centuries to banish negative energy and purify the vibe of a space or even of your own aura.

This smudge kit comes with:

  • dried sage
  • palo santo
  • a shell to rest your supplies in
  • turkey feather to guide the smoke
  • guide

If you want to learn more about this ritual you can read it here: How to Smudge with Sage

A smudge kit is one of the best gifts for spiritual people. It doesn’t even matter if they already have sage because it burns away, and you always need more.

13. Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are another one of those perfect go-to gifts for your spiritual people. We can never have too many oracle decks in our collection!

Spirit Animal Oracle is a very popular choice with great reviews. As you already know if you follow me on social, I have this deck and use it all the time.

If this deck doesn’t feel like the perfect fit, scan through this list of best oracle decks: The Best Ever Oracle Decks + How To Use Them

Think of your friend’s energy and notice which deck you’re drawn to. Your intuition will guide you to the perfect choice.

14. Good Vibes Tee

Are you shopping for that one friend the one who’s always in a good mood and raising the vibe wherever they go? Then you can’t go wrong with this Good Vibes cotton tee.

It’s very cute, has a relaxed fit, and comes in many different colors. I would love this one for myself!  

15. Sacred Bathing Tools

If your gift giving for someone who is a bath person than this is an excellent choice.

Sacred bathing is a big deal in the spiritual world! We’re always looking for ways to raise the vibration of our space and bring in more healing elements at bath time.

These beautiful bath bomb + candle set help meltaway attention and soothe ragged nerves at the end of a long day so you can get into the right headspace for manifesting and meditation.

16. Dream Journal

Many spiritual people are into dreamwork and lucid dreaming. We love to analyze our dreams, remember them, and apply their messages to situations in our lives.

So a dream journal is an incredibly thoughtful gift that your spiritual loved one will put to good use.

This is another one of those things that you can’t really get wrong. Dream journals fill up and we always need more!

This one is good size with plenty of room for notes. Plus it includes prompts inside for dream analysis.

17. Feeling Fab Self-Care Box

This Feeling Fab Self-Care box is a very unique gift. You can get this wellness self-care box as a one-time gift, or as a subscription.

It comes with full-size samples of different self-care items. So every time you get a new box it’s a surprise!

Feeling Fab premium wellness and self-care box

This self-care box has something for everyone, from skin care to crystals, and will give your friend exposure to products they might not otherwise have come across.

I also love that it’s already all bundled up in a gorgeous package. It looks very thoughtful, put together, and eclectic.

18. Crystal Jewlery

Who doesn’t love jewelry? Crystal jewelry is an excellent go to gift for your spiritual friends. Especially when you can give them a little background on the meaning of the crystal you chose for them.

Here are a few options.

Moonstone earrings connect you to divine feminine energy and boost intuition.

sterling silver moonstone earrings

A smoky quartz bracelet is highly protective and helps to ground your energy.

smoky quartz bracelet

I tend to stay away from rings when gift giving if I don’t know their size – but bracelets and earrings are always a safe bet. Crystal jewelry of all kinds make great gifts for spiritual people.

19. Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are having a major moment right now! This is the perfect gift for anyone who is:

This one has just all different sorts of mandalas. It may sound a little strange if you’ve never heard of an adult coloring book but honestly the process of coloring in these detailed images is incredibly meditative and soothing.

Adult coloring books encourages mindfulness by helping you to focus your thoughts on the task at hand.

20. Meditation Cushion

OK if any of my loved ones are reading this, I would love this one for myself! So many spiritual people meditate but we don’t have meditation cushions at home.

When you have a dedicated spot for your meditation, it’s much easier to get into that headspace to let go and surrender. So these meditation pillows make such a thoughtful and unique gift. There’s a couple different styles that are top rated.

I love the simplicity of this one by Lotuscrafts

This meditation pillow and mat bundle would make an incredible comfy treat.

21. Cresent Moon Crystal Shelf

Did your spiritual person and have lots of crystals? If so then this is unique and thoughtful gift they’re going to love. This moon shaped crystal shelf is easily hung on any wall.

Your spiritual friend can load it up with all their favorite crystals, oils, and any other spiritual self-care trinkets. It’s beautiful and it will help them to stay organized.

crescent shapted crystal shelf

My nephew got me one of these for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I keep it in my bathroom to raise the vibe of the space when I get ready in the morning Plus they are easily available for bath time.

22. Astrology Candle

Do you know your friend’s zodiac sign? If you do, then this astrology candle makes an absolutely perfect and thoughtful gift.

Each zodiac sign has its own, unique spiritual gifts! So this is one of the most thoughtful gifts for spiritual people. If you don’t know what sign your friend is, look up their birthday on this zodiac sign chart.

23. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are another beautiful form of sound therapy that will bring magic into any outdoor space. Your spiritual friend will absolutely love this gift.

Often when the wind blows, it reminds us that our passed loved ones are still with us.

Hearing these magical sounds at just the right time can feel like a deeply healing and comforting sign from the universe.

24. Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards will be another welcomed gift for your spiritual friend even if they already have some in their collection. Here are a couple of very popular choices.

Everyone in the spiritual self-care space has heard of Louise Hay, and she is the OG when it comes to affirmation cards. This deck has over 1700 positive reviews on Amazon:

This deck is specifically geared toward women, also with excellent reviews:

25. Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle

Crystals have healing energy, and when you place them in water, it’s a beautiful way to raise your vibration and cleanse your energy, from the inside out.

These crystal infused glass bottles are an incredibly thoughtful gift. Many empaths spiritual people are sensitive to toxins, preferring to drink from glass as opposed to plastic.

Crystal infused water is a wonderful way to remind you of your intentions and encourage you to hydrate which also keeps your intuitive system and on point.

26. Mala Beads

If you’re shopping for someone who’s a yogi or into meditation, then mala beads will be a welcome gift.

Mala beads are made of crystals so they lend the wearer positive energy. Different colors mala beads have different meanings and help you to manifest different things. You can look up your friend’s favorite color here: How To Use Mala Beads Color Meanings for Manifesting

27. Clear Quartz Healing Wand

Healing wands are a beautiful tool for directing healing energy. They dissolve energetics blocks and allow you to pinpoint specific areas of the body that need healing.

These wands are absolutely stunning. They’re good size and very reasonably priced.

28. A Year of Positive Thinking Book

My friend has this Year of Positive Thinking book and absolutely loves it. It has an entry for every day of the year, for you to stay on track with positive thinking.

If your spiritual friend is focused on making upgrades in their life, this is an excellent gift choice. It keeps your thoughts positive enforces healthy mental health patterns and habits.

29. Daily Gratitude Journal

Spiritual people know that all miracles and manifestations are rooted in gratitude. That’s why a daily gratitude journal makes the perfect gift.

Appreciation is a magnet for abundance! A gratitude journal like this is a dedicated space for your spiritual friend to make lists of appreciation and positive aspects of their day. This includes everything from a great night sleep to the major milestones in life.

It’s wonderful to look back on this at the end of the year or whenever you’re feeling down to see the page is overflowing of blessings of your life.

30. Manifestation Candle

These manifestation candles are so cool and they’re incredibly beautiful. This one has crystals embedded in the wax.

Think of your intentions as the flame while burning this candle. You are signaling the universe to deliver your manifestations! This is perfect for goal getting, manifestation work, or meditation.

Read more about manifesting with candles here: How To Use Candle Colors to Manifest Your Upgrades

31. Create-Your-Own Tea Blend Sampler

If your friend is a tea drinker than this make your own blend tea sampler makes an awesome gift.

loose leaf tea sampler

Many spiritual people are already aware of the healing properties of different herbs. This tea kit allows them to tap into their intuition to make their own blends, based on what they need in the moment.

From warding off a cold to soothing frazzled nerves, or boosting energy, this loose tea sampler will have them covered.

32. Let Your Light Shine Mug

Your spiritual friend will need something to sip from after they’re done making their own tea blend!

Inspirational coffee mugs are always a sure bet for your spiritual friend. This is a really cute one that I love.

33. Sunrise Alarm Clock

Starting the day on a positive note is important to every spiritual person. So the obnoxious buzzing of an alarm clock or bad news on the radio isn’t ideal. These sunrise alarm clocks fix all that!

They come in various price ranges, and options vary. But in general, they gently awaken you with warm light and soothing sounds.

The Hatch Restore is a splurge and has a ton of features:

This Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm has fewer features but it’s still beautiful and is less than half the price:

Your spiritual friend will absolutely love these. Plus, it breaks the unhealthy habit of using your device as an alarm clock. This gift is a great way to support mindfulness.


And there you have it! The best gifts for spiritual people.

You should know your spiritual friend will appreciate anything that comes from the heart. But these gifts are thoughtful and will be right up their alley if they are in a spiritual space.

I hope you found the list helpful. Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think or if you have other ideas that I may have missed!

XO, Andrea

The Best List of Thoughtful and Unique Gifts for Spiritual People
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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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