85 Protection Affirmations to Shield Your Energy + Feel Safe

Today I’m sharing soothing protection affirmations to help you release fear and feel safe. All is well, my friend!

What Are Protection Affirmations?

Protection affirmations are soothing statements you can use when you’re feeling unsettled, unsafe, or fearful. 

The intention behind these protective affirmations is to help you feel comforted and empowered when you read them. In doing so, your emotions will shift, and so will your point of attraction.

How Protection Affirmations Work

You are an energetic/spiritual being, which means you have a vibration (like all living things do). The higher your vibration, the more peace and happiness you attract into your life.

So, what determines your vibration? 

Your emotions. 

Specifically, your strongest held beliefs and dominant feelings set your vibration.

So when you feel fearful, you’re more likely to attract uncomfortable experiences. This is simply how the law of attraction works. 

This is where positive affirmations serve as a powerful tool; they can guide you up the emotional scale toward feelings of security, peace, and empowerment.  

Protection affirmations help you to shift your emotions away from fear and toward love so you can manifest more positive experiences for yourself.

Your mind is that powerful, my friend!  

I want to make it clear that there is no magical force outside yourself that you need to keep yourself safe. The magic lives inside you, and you tap into it by choosing the best thoughts, feelings, words, and actions available to you at every moment of the day.

As you practice self-soothing with your protection affirmations, you will naturally fall out of sync with people and situations that trigger fear.

When Protection Affirmations Can Help

Fear is a natural human emotion that we all deal with. You can use affirmations to redirect your mindpower toward your desired outcome, whenever:

Read through the list below and choose an affirmation (or a few) that noticeably soothes your energy.

Also, your sense of security and protection in the world comes from your root chakra. So if you’re feeling unsafe, I strongly urge you to do some root chakra healing at this time as well. These posts will help:

How To Use Protection Affirmations

Say your protection affirmation whenever you need to be reminded that you are safe, protected and loved. 

You can take a snapshot of your favorites on your phone or pin this post so you can return to it whenever you need support.  

Remember, law of attraction is always bringing you people and experiences that match your dominant feelings and thoughts. 

So to create upgrades in your life, you need to start taking steps away from fear so you can take inspired action toward personal power and freedom. 

As you do this, you will literally rewrite your future. 

These protective affirmations can support you in this area by helping you to remember your power.

Energy Protection Affirmations

  • I attract positive experiences. 
  • I raise my vibration by choosing to focus on my own happiness.
  • What I focus on grows, so I choose to focus on things that bring me joy. 
  • I am a powerful manifestor.
  • My actions are divinely guided.
  • I talk about things that I want to experience more of.
  • I am perfectly safe. 
  • My spirit team, angels, and passed loved ones guard and protect me at all times.
protection affirmation: My spirit team, angels, and passed loved ones guard and protect me at all times.

  • I am deeply loved and cherished by The Universe. 
  • I am always in the right place at the right time.
  • My high vibration ensures my health and happiness.
  • I choose love over fear.
  • I am confident and capable.
  • I trust what my intuition tells me about others’ energy. 
  • I honor my emotional guidance and follow my happiness. 
  • I choose the best emotions available to me at the moment.
  • My emotions are magnetic.
  • Fear is just an emotion that points out where I need healing.   
  • My emotions are sacred. 
  • I am exactly where I’m meant to be at all times. 
  • All is well in my world. 
  • I have powerful forces at work on my behalf. 
  • I lovingly release everything that no longer serves.
  • I prioritize my sense of inner peace. 
  • I invite peaceful and joyful experiences into my life. 
  • I leave the past behind and eagerly look toward the future.  
  • I say yes to positive new experiences. 
  • I focus on my own spiritual growth. 
  • My job is to create a life that reflects my best self.
  • I release relationships I’ve outgrown and focus on myself.
  • I command who and what shows up in my life. 
protection affirmation: I command who and what shows up in my life. 

I Am Safe Affirmations

  • I am perfectly safe and secure in my world.
  • My loved ones are safe and sound. 
  • No one has more power over my life than I do. 
  • I am always being guided down the smoothest path.
  • Everything is working out in my best interest. 
  • I send blessings into the universe with my positive intentions. 
  • I envision my happy outcome and make it so.
  • My thoughts and words are investments in my future. 
  • I let go of worry and focus on the present moment. 
  • I practice mindfulness every day.
  • My day will unfold smoothly and peacefully. 
  • I wrap myself and my loved ones in a bubble of well-being. 
protection affirmation: I wrap myself and my loved ones in a bubble of well-being. 

  • I claim my power now.
  • My mind is a powerful manifesting tool.
  • My home is filled with positive and loving energy.
  • I only cross paths with people who are an energetic match to me.
  • I give myself permission to visualize a new way of life.
  • I am grounded and stable wherever I go.
  • No matter what’s going on around me, I carry inner peace within me.
  • I inhale deep, peace and exhale tranquility.
  • My challenges do not define me, but they do enrich my wisdom, strength, and clarity. 
  • I have choices, and I choose to embrace freedom.
  • I honor my instincts.  
  • When I relax my body, my mind follows.
  • I guard my well-being like a lion guarding its cubs. 
  • I soothe my inner child by practicing self-compassion.
  • When I feel unsafe, I thank my fear and use it as an opportunity for healing. 
  • I am perfectly capable of handling uncomfortable situations.
  • I let go of guilt and shame
  • I forgive myself. 
  • I give myself permission to leave situations not in my best interest. 
protection affirmation: I give myself permission to leave situations not in my best interest. 

Spiritual Protection Affirmations

  • My spirit team keeps me safe at all times.
  • I surround myself with loving and supportive people. 
  • I grow stronger and more confident, each day. 
  • I can always look around me and find something to appreciate. 
  • I allowed love and light to fill my body and mind. 
  • My Divine Source will guide me.
  • I recall all unhelpful energetic cords of attachment.
  • I’m proud of myself.
  • I am blessed. 
  • When I’m feeling good, I naturally attract kind and loving people into my world.
  • My soul is always guiding me toward experiences.
  •  That will serve me best.
  • My high vibration is the most powerful influence in my life. 
  • I deserve to live with ease. 
  • I am worthy of a happy and carefree life. 
  • My soul is resilient and wise. 
  • I let go of struggle and look to the future with optimism. 
  • The universe responds to my positive Thoughts, intentions, emotions. 
  • I choose words that align with my desires. 
  • I worry less and enjoy more.
  • When I feel worried, I lovingly redirect my thoughts toward optimism.
  • My aura shines brightly and attracts the most beautiful souls into my experience.
  • I ground my energy and direct my mind toward what I want. 
  • Others reflect what I project.
protection affirmation: My aura shines brightly and attracts the most beautiful souls into my experience.

Writing Your Own Protection Affirmations

The protective affirmations I’ve shared are just examples. But if you’d rather, feel free to come up with your own!

One thing I want you to keep in mind is this: always focus on embracing what you want to move toward, instead of what you want to leave behind.  

For example,  let’s say you want to leave a toxic work environment. 

Your affirmations should express what you want, without even mentioning the current situation. 

So instead of saying:

I am free from this horrible boss.

Say something like:

I look forward to working on a supportive team that allows me to thrive.

The reason for this is simple: law of attraction responds to your vibration.

So, when you say, “I am free from my horrible boss”, that person is active in your vibration.


Instead, you want to fill your mind with thoughts and feelings that reflect your happy changes. This makes you a magnet for the upgrades that you so very much deserve.

That’s why the affirmations I listed don’t include any details around fear, victimization, etc. If you have questions about phrasing your affirmation, leave me a comment below and I’ll help you.


Did these protection affirmations bring you peace, comfort, and encouragement? Leave me a comment with your favorite.

Sending love!

XO, Andrea

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Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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