50 Spirituality Journal Prompts for Spiritual Growth + Exploration

Today I’m sharing 50+ spirituality journal prompts to help you safely explore your spiritual nature. These spiritual writing ideas foster spiritual healing and growth, so you can strengthen your most important relationship of all: the one with yourself.

Why is Journaling Good for Spirituality?

Spiritual journaling is a beautiful way to connect with your spiritual self. 

Daily life can distract you from connecting with your Divine nature. So when you dedicate time to nourish your spirituality, it reframes every situation in your life. 

When you have a spiritual practice, you’re less likely to experience depression, sadness, and emptiness that so many people suffer from. 

Keeping a spiritual journal helps you to remember that you are an energetic being who came here with great purpose. And that purpose is rooted in joy!  

Spiritual journaling helps you: 

  • Identify things in life that are most important to you 
  • Heal your inner child
  • Practice mindfulness 
  • Process difficult emotions 
  • Practice kindness and compassion for yourself and others
  • Find joy and purpose in your life

How To Keep a Spiritual Journal

There are no hard and fast rules for keeping a spiritual journal. But I do recommend you have a notebook or journal that’s dedicated to your spiritual thoughts, feelings, dreams, and ideas. 

Your spiritual writing is sacred and deserves respect. 

I will share some of my favorite guided journals later in this post, but feel free to just use a regular notebook or even your device if you prefer. As long as it’s private and you don’t use it for anything else. 

When To Write Your Spiritual Journal

You can journal as frequently as you’d like. 

But it’s best to have a routine, whether it’s every night before bed, once a week, or monthly. The frequency is totally up to you, but try to be consistent. 

When you make spiritual journaling a regular practice, you gain the most benefits.

What Should I Write in My Spiritual Journal?

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to your spirituality journaling. Any topic that’s important to you is a perfectly appropriate and sacred topic. 

The writing prompts I share below will help get you started, but you don’t have to confine yourself to them. 

In general, think about subjects + situations from the perspective of:

  • How they make you feel
  • How they impact your life
  • Their relation to your life purpose
  • What they’re showing up to teach you
  • How they can help you to grow
  • Where you need physical or emotional healing

The main point of spirituality journaling is to highlight opportunities for spiritual growth, and to identify things that light you up so you can move toward them. 

This is how you manifest your very best life – and you deserve nothing less.

Spiritual Writing Prompts

  • What does the word spirituality mean to me? 
  • What time of day do I feel most spiritually in tune?
  • What activities make me feel the most spiritually aligned?
  • What are my favorite tools or methods to connect to my Source (oracle cards, books, dreamwork, etc)?
  • When I am aligned with my Source, I feel… 
  • When I am out of alignment with my Source, I feel…
  • How can I remind myself throughout the day to come back into spiritual focus? 
  • I feel the most joyful and fulfilled when I am… 
  • What do I think my soul came here to learn in this lifetime?
  • I’m most proud of these 3 qualities about myself…
  • How do I receive guidance from my spirit team?
  • How can I honor my intuition more? 
  • How can I better practice kindness and compassion?
  • When I was a child, what did I want to do when I grew up? 
  • How do I feel when I meditate? 
  • How can I deepen my spiritual practice? 
  • What new areas of spirituality would I like to explore?
  • How can I practice more self-love?
  • Do I have any habits, relationships, or beliefs that conflict with my spiritual goals?
  • If I could change one thing about my life, what would it be? 
  • What do I love most about my life? 
  • How do I feel when I connect with nature and animals?
  • When I feel uncomfortable, what brings me the most comfort?
  • What upgrades do I want to create in my life? 
spirituality journal prompt: Do I have any habits, relationships, or beliefs that conflict with my spiritual goals?

Journal Prompts for Spiritual Growth

  • Do I feel worthy and capable of manifesting my desires? Explore.
  • Three things I am grateful for are…
  • Explore how a current challenge is offering you clarity. I forgive myself for…
  • One quote, mantra, or affirmation that captures my views on life at this time is…
  • One example of when I received a clear sign from The Universe was when…
  • Which spiritual teachers do I resonate most with and why?
  • How do I connect with my spirit team? 
  • What do I enjoy most about the path that I’m on? 
  • Where can I practice surrender to divine timing?
  • Do I give myself permission to openly express my spirituality? If not, why?
  • My body is a sacred temple for my soul to dwell; how do I honor it? 
  • How can I deepen my relationship with my higher self/soul?
  • Do I practice self-love and acceptance?
  • If I could say anything to my inner child, what would it be?
  • What am I most excited about for the future? 
  • One challenge that turned out to be a blessing in disguise was…
  • Which element of nature do I resonate with the most? Why? 
  • One experience that helped me grow spiritually was…
  • What are my emotional strengths?
  • Write a letter tonight yourself saying exactly what you need to hear at this time. 
  • How can I set myself up for success in regard to my spiritual growth?
  • In what areas would I like to grow stronger and more resilient? 
  • Three ways I can make myself more comfortable in order to step out of my comfort zone are… 
  • What’s holding me back from experiencing my most fulfilling life? Then,
  • How can I heal myself in those areas?
spirituality journal prompt: If I could say anything to my inner child, what would it be?

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More Spirituality Journal Ideas

Spiritual affirmations. Positive affirmations make excellent spirituality journal prompts. Pick an affirmation that moves you, and then write about how it makes you feel. 

Here are some to choose from: 101 Spiritual Affirmations for Spiritual Alignment + Growth

Script your future. Scripting is a writing exercise in which you envision your future, and write about it as if it’s already come to pass.

Think about what you’d like your life to look like this time next year, and journal about it from your future point of view.

Learn the complete process here: How To Use Scripting To Manifest Your Happy Future

Use a guided journal. There are lots of guided journals that come with built-in prompts to spark new ideas. 

Here are a few of the most popular choices:

soul therapy guided journal


Did you find some spirituality journal prompts to help you get started on your journey? Take a moment to honor yourself for focusing on your spiritual practice!

XO, Andrea

50+ spirituality journal prompts for spiritual growth, exploration, and healing
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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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