70 Best Saturday Affirmations to Feel Rested and Happy

Happy self-care Saturday! Whether you prefer to fill your schedule with fun activities or unplug from the world, this day was made just for you. Here are the best Saturday affirmations to help you embrace your ‘me time’.

How Saturday Affirmations Can Help

Taking time to rest, relax, and receive is such an important part of your spiritual self-care practice. But you really need to set your intentions to shift out of work mode and into relaxation mode. This is where affirmations come in: they help you to choose your thoughts + focus with intention.

I hope these positive Saturday affirmations help you to unplug, restore your energy, and return to your natural state of well-being.

Positive Saturday Affirmations

  • Today is all mine and I can focus on whatever I choose. 
  • It is my intention to rest, relax, and receive today.
  • I give my mind permission to focus on easy, happy things today.
  • I will keep my heart light today.  
  • I will listen to my body signals for movement, rest, and nourishment. 
  • I will allow my own natural biorhythm to guide my activities today. 
  • I deserve rest and relaxation. 
  • I do not have to earn my downtime because I am unconditionally worthy.
  • I invite fun and joy into my day.
  • Today I will give myself a mental break. 
  • I give myself permission to suspend thoughts of work and focus on my own interests. 
  • I will reach out to people whose company I enjoy today. 
  • I love feeling peaceful and at ease.
  • I will entertain myself in healthy ways. 
  • There is no need to control anything today.
  • I’m in a great mood today.
  • I’ll do everything mindfully today.
  • I trust my spirit team to watch over my responsibilities while I let go and rest.
  • I worked hard all week and deserve some time off.
  • Today, I will prioritize my own happiness. 
  • I’m so blessed to have this day to myself. 
  • Instead of following a rigid schedule, I’ll just go with the flow this Saturday.
  • My Source will lead the way today.
  • I will take inspired action today and allow events to unfold naturally. 
  • I invite the universe to surprise and delight me this weekend.
  • Saturday is all about me-time!
  • I love the variety different days of the week offer.
  • I will do everything with joy today.
  • I release feelings of obligation and let my spirit guide me toward fun.
  • My whole life heals when I allow myself to enjoy my day.
  • I feel happy and relaxed.
  • I’m so grateful for this downtime. 
  • I work hard all week long and I am worthy of this break.
  • As I relax and have fun, I am helping to manifest my desires because of my high vibe. 

Saturday Morning Affirmations

  • I embrace this day with an open mind and heart. 
  • I give my inner child permission to express itself today.
  • I love Saturdays! 
  • Today is all mine to fill with activities that are pleasing to me. 
  • A full day of enjoyment is ahead of me.
  • I’m allowed to invest my money in self-care activities. 
  • I work so that I can enjoy my weekends to the fullest. 
  • I will say ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t serve me today.
  • I invite The Universe to co-create this day with me. 
  • This is a sacred day of rest and self-care.
  • Self-love will be my main theme for today. 
  • I will take loving care of my body today. 
  • Today is full of possibilities for adventure and fun. 
  • My vibe is naturally high from sleep, and I intend to maintain this feeling of peace all day. 
  • I’ll create a healthy balance of being productive and restful today.
  • I give myself permission to lounge around as much as I like. 
  • There’s no need to jump out of bed this morning. 
  • I can linger in the shower or bath as long as I want today.
  • I’ll take life at a relaxed pace today.  
  • I will honor my body’s needs today.
  • I promise to practice compassion with myself today.
  • I will align more and hustle less today.
  • Today I am refilling my own cup. 
  • I intend to squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of this beautiful day. 
  • I look forward to spending time with my loved ones. 
  • It’s perfectly safe to stay focused on the present moment. 
  • I can dress in my favorite clothes that reflect my mood.
  • I will eat and drink what I crave, on my own time. 
  • I will listen to music and watch entertainment that uplifts me. 
  • I give myself permission to dream about the future. 
  • I’ll take time for my favorite self-care and manifesting activities.
  • Today is a gift that I will savor.
  • I will spoil myself today because I deserve the best in all things!
  • I’ll think about work on Monday.
  • Today is going to be amazing.
  • I feel wonderful in my body.
  • I will soak up every minute of my Saturday will appreciation in my heart.

Get More From Your Saturday Affirmations

There is a super powerful connection between your emotions and your sense of smell. I’ve been a certified Aromatherapist for years and can tell you that pairing your affirmations with essential oils will make them more effective.

This is one of my favorite Saturday oil blends (Vogue magazine agrees!):

At Peace essential oil blend by RMO
At Peace is an amazing blend of Litsea Cubeba, Lime, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, and Tangerine. It uplifts the mood and opens the heart. Perfect for Saturday vibes! 💙

How To Use Saturday Affirmations

Hopefully you’ve found some Saturday affirmations you love. You hae several options to work them into your day:

  • Stay curled up in bed and read through the list above
  • Write your favorite on a sticky note and place it next to your essential oils diffuser
  • Reflect on it in your manifestation journal
  • Write it on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow Friday night
  • Repeat it to yourself as you go about your day
  • Use it as a mantra for meditation, or try chanting it with mala beads


Did you find a few new favorite affirmations for your Saturday? Drop me a comment below. I hope your Saturday is filled with peace, fun, relaxation, and magic. You deserve it!

XO, Andrea

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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