Ultimate Guide on How to Heal Anxiety

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If you’re wondering how to heal anxiety naturally, you’re in the right place. Anxiety affects over 40 million Americans and is almost thought of as a normal part of life – but it is not! You are not a victim of anxiety. You can set your intention to heal and return to your natural state of stability and ease.

If you are suffering from anxiety, it’s is a call from your soul for more self-care. You have an opportunity for powerful healing, so get excited!

Here we’ll talk about how to heal anxiety by using it as a detector for areas of your life that need attention. It doesn’t matter if you have social anxiety, performance anxiety, or irrational fears. You can reduce and resolve anxiety with tools and daily practices. 

This guide is packed with tips and tools to heal your anxiety. Take a second to save this page now, so you can come back and visit whenever you need support. Get ready to reclaim your inner peace. 

What Your Anxiety is Telling You

You are made of a body, mind, and spirit. When you have anxiety, it means these three aspects of yourself are out of balance. Anxiety is an indicator that your body, mind and your soul are on different pages. Your soul, the energetic part of you, knows that you are always perfectly safe, loved, and worthy. When you adopt a belief based in fear, your mind falls out of alignment with your soul’s truth. 

The discord between mind and spirit results in discomfort in the body, which you identify as anxiety.  Who knew, right?!

Your Relationship To Anxiety

There’s no need to feel shame about having anxiety. The anxiety you feel is coming from inside of you, so it could never be bad! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to fix it. Anxiety is simply an indicator that you have an opportunity to practice more self-care. 

Think of anxiety as a light on your dashboard, signaling you that something needs your attention. As you heal old wounds and break unhealthy patterns, your anxiety will go away on its own. It’s important to remember that anxiety is not the problem. Anxiety isn’t your enemy. It’s a loving reminder from your soul that you deserve healing. 

What comes to mind when you think about where you could use some healing? Grief, trauma from old relationships, and limiting beliefs about yourself are just a few examples of energy that can get stuck in your system. When you process those emotions and them and let them go, the anxiety light on your dashboard will turn off.

Understanding Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Your spirit, or energetic body is made up of multiple energy centers known as chakras. The solar plexus chakra, located in the upper belly (see the yellow orb in the diagram), holds all your feelings and beliefs around your personal power. Your solar plexus is all about your relationship you have with yourself. 

 When your solar plexus is in balance you feel:

  • strong
  • confident
  • worthy
  • empowered
  • decisive
  • comfortable saying no

When your solar plexus is not in balance you feel:

  • self-doubt
  • worried
  • anxious
  • fearful
  • unworthy
  • confused
  • need to ‘people please’
  • digestive issues

So, anxiety happens when your solar plexus is out of balance.  There are many ways to get energy flowing through your solar plexus chakra. All of the practices below focus on helping you to reclaim your power and upgrade the beliefs you have about yourself. Thank your anxiety for this opportunity because you deserve to feel your very best, my friend!   

Daily Practices and Tools to Heal Anxiety

When it comes to healing anxiety, self-care is the name of the game. Start viewing your anxiety as a sign from your soul that you deserve more happiness. Where do you see opportunities to be more authentic, more loving toward yourself, more brave? You are worthy and capable of creating joy in your life. Healing your anxiety can be a pathway to knowing yourself more deeply. 

Spiritual Practice

Do you have a spiritual practice? According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, having a spiritual practice has clear mental health benefits.  Make time for your spiritual practice every day to keep your worries in perspective.  

If you don’t have a spiritual practice, consider adopting one. It’s OK if religion or new age spirituality aren’t your thing. At the very least, acknowledge that your thoughts, feelings, even your physical body, are all energy. This is truth based in science:  

Einstein taught us the E = mc2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light, squared).This means everything is energy. Including you! Your thoughts become things. That’s how powerful your mind is. 

You can use your mind power to create peace and happiness in your life, instead of anxiety and discomfort.  


Every cell in your body is listening to your thoughts and words. So it’s important that you choose your words wisely if you want to heal anxiety.  Choose your thoughts with intention! If you catch your mind going down an unhealthy path, stop and remind yourself that you’re okay. 

What are the most comforting words you can offer yourself when you’re anxious? Write it down and keep it with you.

If you need help, these affirmation cards are an excellent way to self soothe. Simply pull one at random whenever you’re feeling uncomfortable. Amazingly, you’ll always pull just the right message for the moment. Or, carry your favorites with you (click the images to view them on Amazon). 

Affirmations are a great daily practice, especially in the morning. When you first awaken you’re still in rest/restore mode. This is a magical time! Use it to set your intentions for the day, focusing on the positive emotions you want to experience. It doesn’t have to take long. Consider this a way to cleans and prepare your mind for the day, just as you would your body. There is no need to dive straight into drama as soon as you open your eyes.   

Upgrade Your Language

Your words are powerful. So another important thing to notice is your phrasing. Remove the phrase ‘my anxiety’ from your vocabulary. You don’t want to claim permanent ownership of a temporary (unwanted) condition.  

Instead of ‘my anxiety is bad right now’, rephrase your words to ‘I’m feeling anxious at the moment’. See how temporary the second phrase feels? This subtle but powerful shift in language will create some distance between you and negative emotions.


Yoga is a powerful tool to help heal anxiety. Its offers something for your mind, body, and spirit. Each pose is intended to balance your energy and prepare the body for meditation.  

Did you know the simple act of stretching can release endorphins in your body? So even if you’re not a deeply spiritual person, you can still get powerful benefits from doing yoga. It will teach you to feel more at ease by helping you master your thoughts. This is the key to a peaceful life. 

Yoga poses to balance your solar plexus include gentle movements like cat/cow, and strengthening poses like warrior. Listen to your body to decide what you need in the moment. Pick your favorites and carve out a few minutes each morning for your practice. Check out this list of the Best Yoga Poses for Anxiety by Yoga Journal for ideas.  


Do you keep a diary or journal? The simple act of getting your worries down on paper can be liberating and healing. You’ll often realize that your worst fears are pretty outrageous and have very little chance of coming true.

It’s also helpful to journal after your anxiety passes. Looking back, were your worst fears confirmed? Did things go smoother than expected? You survived the uncomfortable situation and now you’re stronger and wiser. What did you learn? Write a message to your future self for the next time you have an episode and need comfort.  

Set Healthy Boundaries

What triggers your anxiety most? Is it certain people, activities, or situations? An import part of healing your solar plexus, and your anxiety, is setting healthy boundaries for yourself. You’re allowed to say no! You are likely a natural giver and aware of other people’s emotions. This is spiritual gift. But it usually comes with a distaste for conflict which can land you in unwanted situations if you don’t set personal boundaries. 

If you’re in the habit of sacrificing your own happiness form someone else’s, that’s a practice that needs to stop now. Next time someone asks something of you, check in with your physical body and your emotions. Use them as tools to determine if you’re going off track. If something doesn’t feel right, say no.  

Protect your boundaries like a fierce mama protects her cubs. Nothing is worth bringing yourself out of alignment with your soul. As you practice discernment, you’ll build more confidence. Stay strong!


When your senses get over-stimulated, it can lead to an anxiety attack.  It’s important that you schedule down time for yourself on a regular basis to prevent anxiety. You don’t need any formal skills to adopt a meditation practice. The goal is to allow your mind to focus on one thing that doesn’t trigger emotion. You can close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few moments, stare at a candle flame, or try a guided meditation. 

This body scan meditation is an excellent way to get grounded. It’s free and only takes about 8 minutes. Meditation is an excellent way to reconnect mind, body and spirit. 


Studies show that anxiety can affect your sleep. To invite more peace into your life, it’s important to have a bedtime ritual. Take proactive steps to make sure you sleep well by doing the following:

  • Read something uplifting just before sleep
  • Avoid watching the news before bed
  •  Create a mental routine for yourself, like listing all the things you were grateful for that day
  • Make sure you get enough exercise during the day so you’re ready for rest
  • Use aromatherapy to help you fall asleep, like this lavender pillow mist
bottle of lights out in front of xmas tree

Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Essential oils offer great relief for stress and anxiety. They can even help you sleep better, as we mentioned above. Aromatherapy has an immediate affect on your mood.

Power Pose contains an essential oil blend specifically to balance your solar plexus chakra. It ushers in feelings of confidence, empowerment, and courage. 

If you’re comfortable blending and diluting essential oils yourself, here are some of the best essential oils for stress and anxiety:

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Ginger
  • Bergamot
  • Lemongrass

Diet Changes to Heal Anxiety

The foods you eat have a strong impact on your emotions. If you’re devoted to healing your anxiety avoid these foods:

You don’t have to restrict yourself so much that you feel deprived. Then you won’t stick to the changes. Instead, make it a point to notice how you feel in the hours after over-indulging.

Foods to balance the solar plexus chakra include:

  • Lemons 
  • Ginger
  • Lemongrass
  • Citrus fruits
  • Bananas
  • Chamomile

Your best bet is to ensure 70% or more of your daily meals consist of whole foods. They take far less energy for your body to digest. By putting these changes into practice as best you can, you’ll be healing your physical body too. 


You have taken a major step toward upgrading all areas of your life. Don’t forget to celebrate your successes! You should be proud of your progress. There is no victory too small to pat yourself on the back.

Even if you continue to have anxious moments, you’ll now be empowered with tools to ensure they’ll be fewer, farther between, and less intense.  Continue to affirm your confidence, strength, and personal power. Over time these become your core beliefs and it will not be possible for anxiety to live in your mind.

Sending you love and support!

XO,  Andrea

Andrea Scalisi
Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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