Two Ways to Reduce Stress in Seconds

There are times when you simply can’t bust out the essential oils, hop in the bath, or go into meditation to combat stress. The reality is, anxiety levels can peak when you’re in social situations, at work, or in crowds. Here we’ll look at two ways how to reduce stress quickly when you’re in a situation that triggers anxiety. 

4-7-8 Breathing

This breathing technique is super easy and can be done discretely anywhere. It doesn’t take any special tools. Give this a try right now to reduce stress:

  1. Inhale through your nose to the count of 4
  2. Hold at the top of your breath for 7 seconds 
  3. Exhale through the mouth to the count of 8  

Repeat this method a few times until you feel your body return to a calmer state.

Deep breathing helps you reduce stress by lowering your heart rate and carrying more oxygen through your body. When you’re stressed out, you tend to take more shallow breaths. This can trigger a stress response in your body, which leads to anxiety and even panic attacks. Being mindful of your breathing throughout the day can help prevent these episodes.

This breath work is also helpful when you’re having trouble falling asleep. For more info on stress and sleep, check out this article by sleepadvisor.org

Stress Reducing Aromatherapy

Essential oils are incredible for stress reduction, but I’m guessing you don’t carry your diffuser around with you! This Stress + Anxiety inhaler is perfect to keep with you wherever you go. Simply hold it to one nostril and take a natural, deep inhale. The aroma will immediately send a signal to your brain to help you relax. I keep one in my purse and another in the car.

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