30 Powerful November Affirmations to Manifest Abundance and Gratitude

woman in pink coat holding a pumpkin

Welcome to November, the month of gratitude and abundance! As the temperature drops and the holiday season draws near, it’s the perfect time to focus on manifesting abundance and cultivating gratitude. To enrich your journey, I’m sharing my list of 30 powerful November affirmations to set the tone for a month filled with positivity and joy. One for every day of the month!

10 Best Essential Oils to Unlock Self-Love (by an Aromatherapist)

woman in blue dress holding pink flowers

Unlocking self-love is a sacred journey towards embracing your true self and nurturing a positive mindset. And what better way to support this journey than through the power of essential oils? As an aromatherapist with years of experience, I have carefully handpicked the 10 best essential oils that can help you embrace self-love and cultivate a deeper sense of self-acceptance and appreciation.

10 Powerful Fall Equinox Rituals to Embrace the Magic of Autumn

woman laying on autumn leaves

Fall is a season that captivates our senses and beckons us to slow down and embrace its magic. It’s a time to celebrate the balance between light and shadow, and to connect with the natural rhythms of the Earth. Today, I’m sharing 10 enchanting little fall equinox rituals that can help you deepen your connection to the season and make the most of this special time.