2021 Full Moon Calendar

Full Moon Calendar Dates for 2021

Here’s the full moon calendar for 2021! Full moon is a sacred time for releasing what no longer serves you, so you can make room for upgrades. Each month’s full moon has a special name and carries its own unique energy. To learn the spiritual meaning for this month’s full moon, check out Full Moon Names by Month.

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January Jan 28, 2021 Thrs Wolf
February Feb 27, 2021 Sat Snow
March Mar 28, 2021 Sun Worm
April Apr 27, 2021 Tues Pink
May May 26,2021 Wed Flower
June Jun 24, 2021 Thrs Strawberry
July July 24, 2021 Sat Buck
August Aug 22, 2021 Sun Sturgeon
September Sep 20, 2021 Mon Corn/Harvest
October Oct 20,2021 Wed Hunter
November Nov 19, 2021 Fri Beaver
December Dec 19, 2021 Sun Cold

What’s your favorite full moon ritual? Leave a comment below and share your ideas!

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