The Best Essential Oils for Manifesting Love, Success, Abundance

Manifesting with essential oils is a powerful way to support your intentions. Today, I’m sharing the best essential oils for manifesting whatever your heart desires. Whether you’re focused on love, abundance, happiness… there’s an oil for that!

As an Aromatherapist, I can tell you firsthand how powerful the connection is between your emotions and your sense of smell. This is huge for you, because your feelings play a key role in manifesting your upgrades.

Law of attraction brings you experiences that match your expectations in life. So, the first step in manifesting anything it’s to suspend disbelief and embrace new possibilities. Essential oils are powerful helpers in this department.

What Are Manifestation Oils?

Manifestation oils are essential oils that you use with the specific intention of bringing an upgrade into your life.

You may use your oils as part of a larger manifestation ritual, or simply as a reminder of your desires every time you diffuse your scent or dab some onto your body (I’ll share lots of fun ideas on that later in this post).

Each essential oil – or oil blend – carries energetic properties that lend themselves to different goals.

You can be as creative as you want when you choose your oils, but I need to put on my Aromatherapist hat for a moment and stress to you the importance of using high quality, therapeutic grade oils.

Please don’t buy your manifesting oils at the grocery store!

Your need oils that have been tested for quality and purity; otherwise they have no healing properties (let alone magical ones to help you manifest!💫).

You can feel totally confident with all the oils I list below, because I’ve done that homework for you. Okay. Onward!

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How Manifesting With Essential Oils Works

Oils go to work for you on a couple different levels, to help you manifest:

Essential Oils Raise Your Vibration

Essential oils help you to manifest by raising your vibration. You are an energetic being, my friend! And your energetic vibe is determined by your dominant thoughts and feelings.

Essential oils have the power to affect your mood very quickly. In fact, I often say that just inhaling your favorite aroma is a powerful meditation on its own.

Your manifesting oils will send a message to your nervous system to move away from fight-flight mode and into rest-relaxation response.

When this happens, it’s much easier to let go of thoughts that create worry, fear, and pessimism. Thoughts like this are at the bottom of the emotional scale, and do not align with your desires!

You need to be a vibrational match to what you want before it can flow into your life.

Meaning, when you experience more emotions like happiness, excitement, optimism, and creativity, you become a powerful magnet for miracles. Essential oils will help you accomplish this.

I know how difficult it can be at first, to intentionally shift your emotions. But essential oils have powerful magic when it comes to processing feelings and memories – this is where they really shine.

So, if you can associate a specific aroma to your desire (and the positive feelings that go with it), then every time you smell your manifesting oil, you will quickly be transported to that high-vibing mental state.

Rituals Are Powerful

All living beings engage in rituals. There is serious power behind performing an action with a sense of purpose, no matter what it is.

So when you treat your wish or goal as something sacred, it’s more likely to come about.

Humans have used essential oils since ancient times in ceremonies to connect with their Spiritual Source. So there is an ancient sort of magic that comes into play here, too. You’ll feel it for yourself as you work with your manifesting oils.

Create a ritual around your manifesting oils, and keep them in a sacred space when they’re not in use. It will boost their manifesting magic! 💛 I love infusing my oils with crystal energy, by storing them together.

The Best ‘All Purpose’ Manifesting Oils

To start, I’m sharing the best ‘all purpose’ oils for manifesting, based on the healing properties of the oils. These work great for manifesting all sorts of things, so you’ll definitely find one that resonates with you.

I invite you to use your intuition here, and notice which oils catch your attention, based on what you’d like to create for yourself next.

Don’t worry, this is impossible to get wrong!

You will naturally gravitate to the oil that’s perfect for you at this time.

These are the among best oils to add to your manifesting toolkit:

I’ll explain the energy of each one, so you can choose your favorite.

Best Single Oils for Manifesting Anything

Orange uplifts your emotions, ushering in energy, motivation, excitement and creative thinking. So if these qualities support your intentions, then look no further. Orange is especially helpful if you’re feeling doubtful about a situation. It will encourage optimism and enthusiasm. Orange is also perfect for situations or emotions that feel ‘stuck’.

Sacred Frankincense is a deeply spiritual oil that will help you get in touch with your inner self. It’s the perfect oil for any manifesting ritual. It will help you focus during meditation and more easily receive messages from your spirit team.

Lavender is the most versatile essential oil of all. So when in doubt, reach for this oil for manifesting anything. It will soothe ragged nerves and help melt away blocks so that you can receive your upgrades.

Sage in plant form has been used for centuries by Indigenous Americans in smudging rituals. So, if you’re focused on releasing anything that no longer serves you, this oil will support your efforts beautifully.

#1 Oil Blend For Manifesting Anything

The Secret is a complex oil blend that inspires clarity, focus, and balanced energy to better visualize your goals. If you’ve read the book, The Secret, then you already know why I recommend this as the best blend for manifesting!

The combination of oils in this blend create an adaptive mood enhancer, based on what you need in the moment. If you read the reviews, you’ll see that some people find it uplifting, while others swear by it for better sleep. So it makes a beautifully versatile manifesting oil, too.

RMO's The Secret essential oil blend
Just look at all the powerful manifesting oils that make up this blend! 💪🏽You get a crazy bang for your buck and cover all your bases.

The other reason The Secret makes a great manifestation oil is because it contains several of the other single oils in this post. So it’s a good go-to, if you only want to buy one. Plus, its sweet and spicy aroma will knock your socks off.

Next, I’m going to share the best essential oils for manifesting love, success, and money.

During my time as a Reiki Master and intuitive reader, these are three specific themes that came up the most often among my clients (did I miss anything? Drop me a comment below if you have questions). 

Best Essential Oils For Manifesting Love

You deserve love, my friend! Whether you’re focused on loving yourself more, or manifesting a romantic relationship, these oils will support your efforts perfectly. Which ones are you drawn to the most?

Best Single Oils for Manifesting Love

Rose is the most popular choice for manifesting love. When you think of love, what flower comes to mind? Roses, of course! Rose oil concentrates all that romantic energy, which makes it a perfect manifesting oil for kindness, affection, and sweetness.

Lime is an inspiring and uplifting oil that’s perfect for opening your heart. When your heart is guarded, it becomes very difficult to manifest love in your life. So add lime to your manifesting oils collection if you need to heal old wounds and experience more wellbeing.

Ylang Ylang smells wonderful and has a powerful soothing effect. The heart readily responds to flower oils! This oil will melt away any tension or stress you feel on the topic of love, and help you manifest a sense of calm.

Remember, you attract people who match your dominant feelings and beliefs! So think about the emotions you want to feel about your partner when you choose your manifesting oils for love.

Best Oil Blends for Manifesting Love

#1 Blend for Manifesting Love: Love blend by RMO. The name says it all! This blend of citrus fruits and flowers is the absolute perfect blend for all matters of the heart. It can inspire you to find sweetness in your daily activities and help you upgrade negative thoughts and emotions, so you can manifest the upgraded relationships that you so very much deserve.

RMO love blend 5ml
You cannot go wrong with this oil for manifesting love.

Heart Chakra blend by RMO.

Manifesting love begins with loving yourself. So take a moment now to reflect on how you feel about yourself.

  • Do you believe you’re worthy of love?
  • Is your self talk kind?
  • Do you beat yourself up for making mistakes?
  • Are you holding onto guilt or shame?

If you struggle in these areas, then I strongly urge you to begin your manifesting journey by focusing on heart chakra healing.  RMO makes an oil blend specifically for this work (it comes in a roll-on, too).

RMO heart chakra roll-on  next to rose quartz
This is my heart chakra roll-on. The best thing about it is that the roller ball is made from rose quartz! So you not only get the benefits from the oils, but you receive the healing properties of the crystal, too. It’s extremely comforting. 💖

Here is some additional reading to help you through. As you heal your own heart, you’ll naturally begin to attract more love in all areas of your life:

Best Essential Oils For Money

Best Single Oils For Manifesting Money

Bergamot is inspiring and motivational; excellent qualities for attracting abundance! Use this if you’re feeling defeated about your financial situation. It will lift your spirits so you can get into an abundance mindset.

Cinnamon is warming, spicy, and stimulating. It’s been used to attract wealth through the ages. So when you want to light a fire under your financial situation, this is the oil to use!

Cyprus trees are a traditional symbol of never-ending life. It ushers in a feelings of security, which aligns beautifully with the energy of prosperity. You deserve to have all your worldly needs met! Cyprus will help you to tap into this energy.

Myrrh was given to Jesus in the bible as a gift. So it’s an ancient, deeply spiritual oil that carries the energy of abundance and receiving.

Do you believe that spirituality and financial abundance go hand-in-hand? They do! The more money you have, the better positioned you are to uplift the people and causes important to you. Myrrh will help you make this connection, so you can be more open to gifts The Universe wants to send you.

#1 Oil Blend For Manifesting Money

Sacral Chakra blend by RMO. Your feelings and beliefs about money live in your sacral chakra. Your sense of generosity, abundance, power, and freedom are all determined by how balanced and open your sacral chakra is.

So let’s do a quick self-assessment. No judgment! Just observe:

  • Do you admire others who have more money than you or do you feel jealous?
  • Are you generous or does a sense of lack hold you back from sharing? 
  • Do you have an open mind about different ways abundance can flow to you, or do you believe you can only earn money from your job?
  • Are you passionate about your job or do you dread going to work?

If you feel you have room to grow in this area of your life, then I strongly recommend you focus on caring for your sacral chakra. As you heal, the world will bloom into a more generous, prosperous place right before your eyes.

Rocky Mountain Oils sacral chakra oil 5ml
This sweet + spicy blend is energizing and inspiring. It will fan your inner flame so you can find your personal best path toward a more abundant life. You deserve it! 🧡

Here’s some additional reading on the sacral chakra:

Read these for more on manifesting abundance:

Best Essential Oils For Success

Best Single Oils for Manifesting Success

Lemon oil is like a pep talk in a bottle. It’s light, invigorating, and inspirational. You are perfectly capable of creating positive changes in your life! Use lemon as your manifesting oil if you need to remember just how qualified you are to build your ideal future. You’ve got this!

Cedarwood is deeply grounding. So if you’re feeling anxious, frazzled, or nervous, use this as a manifesting oil to find your center.

Feeling nervous about your success is totally normal and perfectly safe. It’s simply pointing out what’s important to you. So thank your uncomfortable emotions, and let them know you have everything under control.

I love using cedarwood and lemon together, to feel grounded and powerful all at once.

#1 Oil Blend for Manifesting Success

Solar Plexus Chakra blend by RMO goes straight to the root of any insecurity or unworthiness that may be holding back from crushing your goals.

Rocky Mountain Oils solar plexus chakra oil 5ml
Watch out world! This blend will help you to find your courage and reclaim your power.

Your solar plexus chakra is responsible for your sense of confidence, personal power, and decisiveness. Let’s see how balanced your solar plexus is. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I trust my gut instincts?
  • Is my happiness a top priority?
  • Do I hold myself back because I’m afraid to fail?
  • Am I assertive or do others take advantage of me?
  • Can I set healthy boundaries? 

If you’re shaky in some of these areas, you are not alone! Take this opportunity to do some self-healing on your solar plexus chakra. As you do, you’ll begin to inch your way out of your comfort zone and soon, you’ll be unstoppable!

These posts will help:

How To Use Your Manifestation Oils

Now the fun begins! Once you’ve selected your manifesting oils, you can use them in several different ways. Here are some of my favorites.

Visualization. Your manifesting oils are a beautiful way to plant seeds for your future. You can send love, abundance, sweetness, and peace into your next chapter by diffusing your manifestation oils and doing a bit of visualization.

Simply diffuse a few drops of your manifestation oils, settle in, and give yourself permission to daydream about your goals coming to fruition. Let your imagination wander free!

Bedtime rituals. You can diffuse your oils at bedtime and either meditate or focus on your goals as you drift off to sleep.

Have you ever heard of the pillow method? Your manifesting oil would be the perfect complement! Read about it here: How To Use Pillow Method Manifestation To Attract Your Dreams

I prefer to make pillow spray for my bedtime rituals. Here’s how to do it:

  • Combine a splash of witch hazel or alcohol in a 4 ounce atomizer bottle, with 20 drops of your manifesting oils, and water.
  • Give it a good shake
  • Spritz your bed pillows or,
  • Hold an arm’s length, close your eyes, and spritz your face while inhaling deeply.
  • Consider your intentions as you do.

Journaling. Do you keep a manifesting journal? Spritz your mist or massage a single drop of oil into its pages. Every time you open your journal, you’ll be welcomed by your chosen aroma. This will help you to feel calm, focused, and eager to move forward.

How do you use your manifesting oils? Leave me a comment below!


Did you find your perfect essential oils for manifesting? Or perhaps you found a few and plan to blend your own magical potion. Leave me a comment below and share!

I am wishing you all the best as you move into your bright future.

Remember, your manifestation efforts will work best when you set intentions, and then release them to The Universe. Trust that you will receive your upgrades in divine timing, and enjoy the ride!

You deserve the very best in all things, my friend.

XO, Andrea

PS – if you’re feeling antsy about when your desires will materialize, read this next: 6 Strong Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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