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I’m very excited to share that I’ll be at the Great New York State Fair again this year, on August 31st (more details in the coming weeks). Come visit me and grab a bottle of your favorite Body & Soul Mist, and check out the debut of my brand new chakra balancing roll-ons! They offer the very same aromas of the mists, but in a portable little roll-on tubes that you can keep with you at all times. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Which colors in this image most appeals to you? ChakrasWoman

Your energy field is made up of every color of the rainbow, each of which supports a different aspect of your emotional, physical and spiritual self. You are drawn to different colors at different times in your life because you’re working on self healing without even realizing it. Have you ever gone through a phase where you just couldn’t get enough of a particular color, where clothing, jewelry, crystals, even wall paint of a particular color would jump out at you? And have you ever noticed that one day you were just totally over that color? That happens when your energy field is finished soaking up those particular healing properties.

We can use color as a tool to support our emotional bodies. As I mentioned above, you’re probably doing this already at a subconscious level. But to bring awareness and intention to this phenomenon is quite empowering. The Haven Shoppe’s Body & Soul Mists were created with this in mind. Those gorgeous, brightly colored labels aren’t random! They correspond to the affirmation on the bottle and the essential oils inside that support your mind, body and emotions in very specific ways.   I created a little chart for you that maps each color to a Body & Soul Mist, along with a description of the emotional and physiological areas they support.

What colors are you wearing as you’re reading this? Have some fun uncovering the areas where you need healing!


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