The Magic of Unicorn Poop

unicorn.jpgWhile going through some old papers, I came across this birthday card from a dear friend. Once I finished laughing, I realized there’s meaning in this little fable.

The word ‘magic’ is tossed around quite a bit these days, usually in reference to circumstances coming together more perfectly than you could have ever imagined. But magic also involves stepping right into a steaming pile of ugly reality sometimes – the ‘unicorn poop’ experiences, for the sake of this analogy.

Unicorn poop comes in all different forms, from losing a loved one, to screwing up at work or getting your heart broken. Any experience that feels traumatic and unwelcomed fits the bill. Whatever the scenario may be, let it be a comfort to know that these events are carefully and lovingly designed to trigger what I refer to as a ‘spiritual growth spurt’. They open the door to lessons that really can’t be earned through easy times.

Your struggles are, in fact, skillfully disguised blessings, concealing great opportunity beneath that crappy veneer.  

They are also a sure sign that some serious magic is about to unfold, because big, beautiful change is almost always preceded by upheaval. If you can, try taking a step back and observing your situation objectively. Ask yourself why your soul might have requested this situation for the sake of its own growth.  What opportunities for lessons, or new revelations do you see?

The good thing about our trials is that they force us to see the world from a new perspective, allow us to put our faith into practice, and show us just how much strength we can rally, when we need it.  While none of us enjoy these inevitable missteps, they undoubtedly gift us with some of life’s most invaluable lessons.

With Love,


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