Stay Calm Before an Event

If you have trouble trying to stay calm before an important event, join the club! Stepping out of your comfort zone can be extremely uncomfortable. From public speaking, to a dreaded doctor appointment or going on a first date, fear of the unknown can be unbearable.

One self-care practice I find super helpful to stay calm is to prepare a ‘recovery space’ at home, ahead of time. On the day of your event, ensure your favorite spot is ready to welcome you home. Have your favorite lounge wear ready to jump into.  Place your favorite teacup next to a full kettle by the stove. Arrange a tray table with your journal, a good book, or maybe some flowers, as if you were preparing to welcome a very special guest into your home.

As you carry out these tasks, you’ll begin to calm down, because you’ll be tapping into the relief you’ll feel after the event is over.  When you step out that door and shift into warrior mode, you’ll know that no matter what happens, you’ll soon return to that sacred space, where you can recover, recharge, and relax. You’ll remember the uncomfortable situation is only temporary, and it’s just one part of your day.   

This sweet little ritual works so well, you may not even need the recovery time when you return home. Give it a try and share your experience!

What helps you stay calm? Leave a comment and tell me!



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