75 Best Soul Mate Affirmations to Manifest Love

You deserve a partnership that brings out the very best in you! These soul mate affirmations will help you to raise your vibration so you can manifest the love that you so very much deserve.

What Is a Soul Mate?

It is my heartfelt belief that you can have many potential soulmates, and they can show up for you throughout different lifetimes, in different roles. 

I want you to keep your mind open to this idea, and not get too hung up on the belief that there’s only one person in this world that you’re meant to be with. 

That sense of scarcity-based thinking is exactly what will block you from attracting love! 

There are so many people out there who would make a wonderful partner for you! Over time, with focused intention and emotional maturity, you can build a soul mate relationship together.

So the sooner you can shift to a more abundant mindset about love, the faster you can manifest your partner. 

I would encourage you to take a moment to think about or write in your manifesting journal about what a soul mate means to you. Getting clear on the qualities you want in a partner will help you manifest them quicker!

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How Can I Manifest My Soulmate?

When we talk about manifesting anything, soulmates included, we have to have a quick conversation about the law of attraction.

Law of attraction is a universal principle that brings you experiences that match your dominant thoughts, feelings, and expectations.

So, in order to manifest your soulmate, you need to make sure that you’re focused primarily on what you want to bring into your life as opposed to what you’re missing.

Positive soul mate affirmations can help you move up the emotional guidance scale, so you can become a vibrational match to the love you deserve.

Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning. What are you planning?

75 soul mate affirmations to manifest a loving relationship

Manifesting Your Soul Mate with Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements said with intention. You can use them to shift your mindset in order to manifest your soulmate relationship.  

When working with affirmations, it’s important to choose one that uplifts you, and feels like it can become true. This is because the positive emotions you feel when you say your affirmation is where all its manifesting magic comes from.

What emotions do you associate with finding your soulmate? You may be thinking along these lines:

  • love
  • appreciation
  • sensuality
  • fun
  • trust
  • freedom
  • togetherness
  • happiness

The goal is to use your affirmations to conjure these feelings before your soul mate shows up in your life. When you do this, your point of attraction will change, and law of attraction can start sending you people who match your new vibe.

The key is to use your affirmations to feel better about where you are now, and excited about what’s coming next.

I’ll give you several options for using your affirmations toward the end of this post.

Soul Mate Affirmations: Outward Focus

  1. Right now, my soulmate is out there wanting me, as much as I want them.
  2. Divine timing will ensure we are both ready when we cross paths.
  3. The perfect person for me is out there, and I am eager to meet them!
  4. I give myself permission to find love in unlikely places.
  5. I surrender all defense mechanisms that keep me from being open to love.
  6. I am worthy of love and respect.
  7. There is plenty of love for me to receive and share.
  8. I embrace abundance and joy in all my relationships.
  9. I believe in the perfect partner for me right now.
  10. I attract loving, vibrant relationships with ease.
  11. I am open to receiving love from the universe.
  12. I choose to focus on what I have rather than what I don’t.
  13. I am willing to take risks in order to find my soulmate.
  14. My life is already fulfilled and overflowing with meaning, but it will be even better when it’s shared with someone special. 
  15. I am happy, healthy and full of love to share with my special one when the time is right.
  16. I am open and receptive to finding the love of my life. 
soul mate affirmation: I am open and receptive to finding the love of my life. 
  1. I am emotionally mature and resilient.
  2. I have found true and lasting love that is full of joy and happiness. 
  3. I trust that perfect love is out there looking for me right now.
  4. I am worthy of being loved deeply and openly by an amazing person. 
  5. Infinite possibilities are available to me when it comes to finding true love. 
  6. Every day I move closer towards connecting with the right partner for me. 
  7. My heart emits a beautiful frequency of love.
  8. My high vibration is magnetic. 
  9. My highest desires manifest themselves perfectly in my life today, as divinely planned for me! 
  10. I have found unending satisfaction from abundant loving relationships!
  11. The universe is hand-picking my partner based on my unique history, preferences, and desires.
  12. By practicing self love I become a magnet for loving relationships. 
  13. I treat myself with love and respect, always. 
  14. I am worthy of fulfilling and joyful relationships.
  15. I develop all the qualities in myself that I want in my soulmate. 
  16. I meet fun and interesting people everywhere I go. 
  17. I look forward to seeing who the universe matches me up with next. 
  18. My life is a romantic adventure.
  19. My soul mate is drawn to me through a powerful force of attraction. 
soul mate affirmation: My soul mate is drawn to me through a powerful force of attraction. 
  1. Together we will both feel freer and more empowered.  
  2. My soulmate and I will focus together on the life we want to manifest.
  3. I’m so excited to see how my love story unfolds.
  4. When my soul mate appears, our souls will recognize each other.
  5. My soul mate relationship will have a healthy balance of power.
  6. I’m deeply grateful for the loving relationships I already have in my life.
  7. I’m playful and fun loving in my interactions with others.
  8. I will take inspired action and trust my inner guidance.
  9. I’m always in the right place at the right time.
  10. I see signs that my soul mate is on the way, everywhere I go.
  11. I love spending time with people who bring out the best in me. 
  12. I honor divine timing as my soulmate relationship unfolds. 
  13. Dating is fun!
  14. I love my soulmate for who they are, and will not try to change them in any way. 
  15. I’m having so much fun on the way to finding my way to my soulmate. 
soul ate affirmation: I’m having so much fun on the way to finding my way to my soulmate. 

Soul Mate Affirmations: Inner Focus

Please don’t skip these! So much of your ability to attract love into your life depends on how much you love yourself.

The affirmations below will help you to feel secure, whole, worthy, and emotionally mature. These are all things that will set you up for success when your soul mate comes into your life.

The absolute best things you can do to attract your soul mate are love yourself and have fun!

  1. It’s easy for me to give and receive affection.
  2. I cherish the lessons that have prepared me well from my soulmate. 
  3. I give others permission to be who they are. 
  4. I am complete on my own and my soul mate will just make life sweeter.
  5. I take responsibility for my own joy.
  6. I never drag the past into the present – I am starting fresh!
  7. I don’t take myself too seriously.
  8. Every relationship brings me clarity about what I want in a partner.
  9. I like learning new things about people.
  10. Everyone I meet helps me to learn something new about myself.
  11. I forgive myself for past mistakes.
  12. I release grudges from past lovers to make room for peace.
  13. I deserve to be loved deeply.
  14. I make an excellent life partner.
  15. I am willing to do any emotional work needed to prepare for my soul mate relationship.
soul mate affirmation: I am willing to do any emotional work needed to prepare for my soul mate relationship.
  1. Each day, I wrote a new page in the great love story of my life.
  2. I’m perfectly comfortable with my sexuality. 
  3. I release all old relationships with love and gratitude.
  4. I retire old patterns of looking for problems, and choose to embrace joy.
  5. The better I feel, the closer I come to manifesting my soulmate.
  6. I lovingly groom and care for my body.
  7. I look forward to spending time with my soulmate, while maintaining my own independent interests.
  8. I have a strong sense of identity that my soulmate will appreciate.
  9. I naturally bring out the best in others by seeing them through the eyes of love.
  10. I joyfully make plenty of room in my life for my new partner.
soul mate affirmation: I joyfully make plenty of room in my life for my new partner.
For a slideshow of these affirmations, visit the soulmate affirmations web story.

How To Use Your Soulmate Affirmations

Using soulmate affirmations is a great way to work on your mindset and vibration, in order to attract love into your life. The more often you can use them, the better. 

Here are some ideas to work them into your daily life:

As Journal Prompts

Do you keep a manifesting journal? Journaling is a powerful tool that can help you attract your soul mate. You can use your affirmation as a journal prompt to explore:

  • the qualities you value in a partner
  • any heart healing you need to do
  • lessons you’ve learned
  • goals for practicing self-love
  • shadow work for self healing

If you’re brand new to journaling, you can start here: How To Start a Manifestation Journal. I’m also sharing some additional journal prompts to help you heal and prepare to welcome your soul mate:

Redirect Negative Thoughts

If you catch yourself feeling frustrated or lonely, you can use your soul mate affirmations to lovingly redirect your thoughts.

Pillow Method Manifesting

You can manifest while you sleep by writing your affirmation on paper and popping it under your pillow. As you drift off to sleep, focus on what life will be like when your soulmate relationship manifests.

This is such a fun and easy way to manifest! You can read the step-by-step guide here: How To Use Pillow Method Manifestation To Attract Your Dreams

Can Affirmations Attract a Specific Person?

While affirmations can be incredibly powerful and can lead to manifesting the relationship of your dreams – even with a specific person in mind – it’s important to note that it is not your job to control who you attract. 

Ultimately, using affirmations can help you to create a certain energetic vibration, which will in turn naturally attract compatible people into your lives.

The universe has a much broader view of potential matches for you! So instead of trying to control the outcome, trust in the universe with faith, positivity, and gratitude.


Did you find a few soul mate affirmations to work with? You deserve a partnership that brings you joy! Let me know in the replies which affirmation resonates with you most.

If you’re wondering when your soulmate will manifest, this post will help: 10 Signs That Your Soulmate is Close

XO, Andrea

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Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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