Soul Bonds

feather mandalaI’ll never forget the day I met my best friend Karen. It was in Levine’s Social Psych grad seminar. He had just asked a question and this girl to my left began talking.

What she said seemed so out there that I thought: “WTF! This girl is in the wrong class!” For a moment I was convinced that this girl had stumbled into the wrong classroom and just hadn’t realized it yet.

I’m a visual thinker. Upon first listen, my brain reacted to her words with a moving image. In my mind’s eye, I saw a baseball flying overhead as if hit out of the park. It was about to land in the exact spot where she sat.

What she said made no sense. It appeared to have nothing to do with our research readings but everything to do with a philosophy class. But five minutes later, my brain had a different reaction: “OMG! Who is this girl. I need to get to know her!” Next class I got a chance to speak with her after class and invited her for coffee. She was previously engaged but told me to give her a call.

I could never reach her. She never called back and she was always busy after class but she always seemed interested in meeting up for coffee. It was sadly, puzzling. After three months of trying, I decided that I would invite her one last time before giving up on the idea of getting to know my classmate.

It was on this last invitation that we met up after class for coffee. From that day, we became fast friends.Silvia

We had this psychic connection that was hard to explain. She would have these intricate, hilarious dreams that were sometimes prophetic. How the hell she could dream what Dr. Botwin would say to us in class the night before I’ll never know but she made me laugh.

Less than 10 years after this grad photo was taken, Karen passed away suddenly due to health complications from her MS treatment. She was 46.

I’ll never know what made me stop working at 9:30pm to drive 45 minutes to see her that night. I have rerun different scenarios with the outcome her still being alive if I had just…many times. It was the last time I saw her alive. Now she just shows up in my dreams with guidance/answers to my prayers.

-Silvia Montoya-Gomez

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