Slay Your Inner Dragon

castleIt is said that before we are born, our higher selves, or souls, plot a course for our time here on Earth. We choose a life purpose, which may be anything from healer, to protector, or teacher. We make contractual agreements with every other soul we’ll encounter during our lifetime, with whom we’ll share insights and experiences to support that life purpose. We select lessons to focus on for our spiritual evolution. Yes, I believe that each brave soul here on Earth has volunteered to show up, at this specific time, for the highest and greatest good of one and all. I love this concept because it helps me to wrap my brain around the fact that this human experience is just a blip on the grand, eternal scale of our souls (I imagine passed loved ones on the other side with pencils behind their ears, reviewing their performance stats and adjusting course for the next go-around). This illuminates an unavoidable likeness between the game of life and the typical video game.

When we enter this world, we find ourselves within a particular set of circumstances, with a goal to be completed (whether we remember it at the time or not).

Just like in game world, we fall into traps, head down paths that lead us nowhere, trip and fall.

We make discoveries and allies along the way, gain skills and grow stronger, wiser. Eventually, we become familiar enough with the ways of the world to navigate through life’s daily challenges fairly effortlessly. In game world, these are your lower levels. As we advance to higher levels, the basics become second nature and we may even have trouble relating to novice players who struggle with what we consider to be simple concepts.

In life, we are all at different levels, playing the same game. Depending on where we are in our own personal journey, we may master certain lessons with ease, while others struggle and make decisions that distract or even derail them from their life purpose. But regardless of where we are on our soul’s path, we are all faced with the same basic challenge: to tame the ego and embrace our authentic selves, or in game world, slay the dragon holding the princess captive.

A word about the ego: its job is to keep us from pursuing that life purpose we signed up for before we arrived here.

It is constantly throwing us off course with fear energy, insisting that we’re not good enough, we don’t deserve happiness, that our dreams are unattainable, and all other sorts of baloney. When we fall prey to our ‘inner dragon’, we engage in self-sabotaging beliefs, turn to addictions, and make choices that drown out the voice inside us, trying to steer us in a better direction. That voice is the soul, imprisoned by fear and buried under a heap of false beliefs of inferiority.

The good news here is that your soul is no helpless waif of a princess.

From beyond her prison cell she is screaming her ancient, divine head off to be released. She has full recollection of your life purpose and is constantly sending you messages to jog your memory. She sinks your stomach when you’re about to do something that doesn’t resonate with your highest good. She gives you goose bumps when you’re onto something that will help you along your path. She arranges inexplicable synchronicities, sends you signs through animal sightings, dreams and brilliant ideas. Every time you acknowledge your inner knowing, you loosen her chains and knock the wind out of that dragon.

Fear is merely the absence of love; a shadow; an illusion; a pile of clothes thrown over a chair that looks like a monster in a dark room.

Once you start listening to your soul’s voice, her light shines brighter and chases away fear’s shadow. All you have to do to get this processing going is start listening to your inner wisdom. Invite your soul to lead the way and she will gladly start tossing out a breadcrumb trail for you to follow in the direction of your dreams. It will undoubtedly require you to step out of your comfort zone, and it will feel scary at times, but the rewards will be tremendous.

Now go forth and save the kingdom.

With Much Love,


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