65 Shadow Work Prompts for Self Love and Manifesting

We all experience negative emotions sometimes. They show up as loving guideposts, pointing out where you need more healing and self-care. Today I’m sharing my favorite shadow work prompts for self love so you can manifest more joy in your life. These prompts are appropriate for beginners and advanced work; take whatever you need.

Every part of you is worthy of your own love! Once you embrace this truth, you will begin to manifest upgrades in every area of your life.

Self-love is an important part of emotional wellness, and shadow work can help. These fifty powerful shadow work prompts are designed to open up deeper discussions about yourself, so you can begin your journey towards greater self-acceptance and appreciation.

What Is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is the process of exploring your shadow self, also known as the parts of ourselves that we may wish to keep hidden from view. 

Your shadow self are the parts of you that are fearful, angry, or ashamed. Exploring these emotions can help you understand our behavior better and offer insight into how you can nurture self-love and heal our relationship with yourself.

It’s important for you to know that every part of you is sacred. Without the contrast of negative emotion, you’d never appreciate joy. So be gentle with yourself as you do your shadow work.

The space between hurting and healing is sacred ground.

How To Do Shadow Work

Shadow work is an important process for personal growth, as it can help you become aware of anything holding you back from growing into the best version of yourself.

Shadow work can help you to accept yourself more fully, by lovingly exploring the darker aspects of yourself that may be difficult to face. 

To begin the process, we must enter a space of self-reflection and mindfulness. This can include journaling (which we’re focusing on today with the prompts below), meditation, or chakra healing exercises. 

I’d like you to approach your shadow with curiosity and compassion, as opposed to judgment or avoidance. Creating an open and safe space for self-reflection is key!

It’s also important to keep in mind that the goal of shadow work is to consider your negative emotions from a new perspective so you can face them and move up the emotional guidance scale. This work should make you feel better, not worse.

There is no need to dwell in negative emotion for too long, my friend. Instead, set intentions to reframe the way you react to negative triggers, so you can move forward and heal.

How Shadow Work Fosters Self Love

Shadow work fosters self-love by helping you become aware of the inner voices, thoughts, or beliefs that don’t serve your highest good.  

Becoming aware of negative patterns in your life is 90% of the battle, because then you can address and release them. When done regularly, shadow work will create a sense of spaciousness—allowing you to view yourself without judgment and with an appreciation for all your qualities—both the light and dark parts!

Shadow work will help you remember that worthiness and self-love are your birthright.

How Shadow Work Helps You Manifest

The law of attraction tells us that we attract experiences based on our core beliefs and expectations. That’s why shadow work is so beneficial for manifesting; it helps you to uncover limiting beliefs about yourself that block your manifestations.

Shadow work is a powerful tool for self-love and worthiness, which are essential building blocks for manifesting all the upgrades you desire and deserve.

Below I’m sharing self-love journal prompts as well as specific shadow work prompts for manifestation.

Shadow Work Prompts for Self Love

The simple fact that you exist means that you are worthy of your own love. So negative self-talk, people pleasing, and any other behaviors that aren’t rooted in genuinely serving your highest good, keep you apart from the love you deserve. You are worthy of love in all forms!  

Taking time to identify the reasons behind your decisions that aren’t based in self-love can help you understand yourself better so that you can heal. These shadow work prompts for self-love are the perfect place to start.

These prompts are meant to get your journaling about your feelings. You can use a blank notebook, or a guided shadow work journal.

  • What limiting beliefs have I held onto and why?
  • What health problems do I struggle with? How do these connect to unresolved issues and trauma? 
  • What does it mean for me to live authentically and true to myself?
  • What am I afraid of, and how can I confront this fear in order to heal and grow? 
  • In what ways do my life choices reflect my own self-worth?
  • In what ways do my life choices reflect my own self-worth?
  • What’s my first memory of feeling truly loved?
shadow work prompt for self love: What’s my first memory of feeling truly loved?
  • Do I believe that I’m loveable? If not, where did this false belief come from?
  • Three ways I can show myself love every day are…
  • What are 3 ways my parents expressed their love for me? 
  • Who’s voice do I hear in my head when I’m harsh or judgmental?
  • Am I overly critical towards others? Explore.
  • Do I need others to behave in a certain way in order for me to be comfortable?  What trauma can I trace that back to?
  • How can I take more responsibility for my emotions?
  • Is my inner child hurting? What do they most need to hear?
  • Write yourself a letter, from the perspective of your unconditionally loving soul/inner being/higher self. 
  • Pull a shadow oracle card and notice what situation comes to mind.
  • When I notice I’m being unkind to myself, I will remember…
  • Do I need to forgive myself for past mistakes?
  • If I feel emotionally overwhelmed, how can I self-soothe in a healthy way?
  • How can I be my own nurturer when I’m feeling down? List 3 ways.

Shadow Work Prompts for Manifestation

Have you ever experienced blocks while trying to manifest? Shadow work prompts can help to uncover the parts of your subconscious mind that are blocking you from achieving your goals.

By addressing those areas, you will begin to work towards manifesting the abundance and joy you so very much deserve. Here are seven shadow work prompts to get you started on the path of manifestation!

  • Do I believe that I deserve to have my dreams come true? Why or why not?
  • What beliefs do I have that are misaligned with my goals?
  • How can I better embrace my worthiness?
  • Do I accept compliments and offers of help from others?
  • In what ways am I keeping myself small, in order to stay safe?
  • How can I take a step outside my comfort zone?
  • What stories do I tell that keep me stuck in scarcity?
  • What patterns do I recognize in myself that I’d like to change?
  • Am I worried about what others will think if I achieve success? How can I move past that?
shadow work prompt for manifestation: Am I worried about what others will think if I achieve success?
  • Am I blaming anyone for my perceived lack of success? How can I forgive and let go?
  • Is there something I feel limited in my ability to achieve?
  • Explore these affirmations for self-worth and notice which one resonates with you.
  • Where did I pick up my limiting beliefs (family, society, etc) and how can I release them?
  • What action steps can I take today to move toward my goals?
  • Are my coping mechanisms healthy or can I find healthier ways to deal with stress?  
  • What’s my biggest fear when I think about manifesting my desires?
  • Do I find it difficult to receive? Why or why not?
  • How can I myself permission to embrace my curiosities?
shadow work prompt for manifestation: How can I myself permission to embrace my curiosities?

Shadow Work Prompts for Relationships

Take a moment to honor yourself for showing up to do a deep dive into your shadows for the sake of healing your relationships! These prompts will help you gently discover more about yourself, and how your perceptions affect your interactions.

  • What did my earliest relationships teach me about love?
  • What does a healthy relationship look like to me?
  • Am I seeking outside validation of my worthiness to receive love?
  • Explore these sacral chakra healing techniques and notice what you’re drawn to.
  • Do I ever use negative emotion as a weapon in relationships?
  • Do I have any fears around abandonment? Where did they start?
  • How can I show up as a better partner, friend, child, parent, sibling?
  • The last conversation I had with a loved one was healthy or unhealthy in these ways…
  • What common patterns do I see across my relationships?
  • Do I need to do any heart healing from past relationships?
  • Can I make room to release resentment so that my heart can heal?
  • Try a new moon ritual for making a fresh start in your relationships.
  • Do I believe I deserve to be treated with love and respect? What does that look like?
shadow work prompt for relationships: Do I believe I deserve to be treated with love and respect?

Shadow Work Prompts for Letting Go

Sometimes change is welcomed with open arms, and other times it can be painful. Whether you’re closing the chapter on a relationship or releasing the need for control, these shadow prompts will help you remember that it’s safe to let go.

  • How can I honor the closing of this chapter?
  • Am I holding onto negative stories, thoughts, and feelings that hold me back?
  • What changes am I excited about for my future?
  • Letting go of old pain makes room for inner peace. How can I feel more peaceful in this moment?
  • What lessons have come out of my trauma?
  • What am I resisting in my life at this time?
  • How can I help myself to feel safe as changes unfold?
  • How can I practice detachment from the outcome of this situation?
  • Am I trying to control things that aren’t realistic?
  • How can help myself remember that the universe is guiding and supporting me?
  • Perform a cord cutting ritual to break unhealthy energetic ties.
  • What truths am I ready to acknowledge about myself?
  • Explore these full moon ritual ideas for letting go and making room.
  • Are my current standards based on experiences or beliefs from my past that no longer serve me? 
  • How do I define failure? Can I reframe it in a healthier way?
shadow work prompt for letting go: How do I define failure? Can I reframe it in a healthier way?

For a slideshow of these images, visit the shadow work web story.


While this practice can often feel uncomfortable, shadow work can help you make powerful steps toward self-acceptance, which creates a stronger sense of self-love. 

When we choose to confront our shadows, we find greater depths of compassion for ourselves and vastly improved mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

I am wishing you all the best on your healing journey, my friend. You deserve peace! If you found this post helpful, please share it so others can find it, as well. 💙

XO, Andrea

65 shadow work prompts for self-love, manifestation, relationships, and letting go
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Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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