165 Powerful Self Love Affirmations to Embrace Your Worthiness

You are absolutely deserving of your own love, dear friend. So, if you tend to be too hard on yourself, these affirmations of self love are for you. Read through this list and allow yourself to remember how worthy you truly are.

Do Affirmations Work for Self Love?

Yes, affirmations absolutely work for self love. Self-love affirmations are positive statements that encourage you to adopt new beliefs about yourself and what you deserve. These self-love affirmations will help you to transform your views of yourself so that you can show up as your own nurturer and best friend. 

As you go through life, different experiences and interactions can cause you to adopt limiting beliefs about yourself that are completely untrue. So if you struggle with feelings like these, then you have a tremendous opportunity for self healing:

These emotions are at the low end of the emotional guidance scale and are signals that you deserve more of your own love, compassion, and forgiveness.

As you affirm positive statements about yourself, they’ll begin to affect your thoughts, words, and actions as you move through your daily life. You’ll notice that your choices, perceptions, and preferences will begin to shift. 

How Do Self Love Affirmations Work?

All positive affirmations work because of the law of attraction. Law of attraction is a universal principle that tells us we create our own reality based on our beliefs. 

So as your beliefs about your worthiness improve, every area of your life will begin to improve as well. 

Choose affirmations that make you feel soothed, calm, hopeful, and happy. As you tap into these positive emotions, your vibration will rise, making you a magnet for beautiful experiences.

Positive Affirmations of Self Love

  1. I deserve to love and be loved. 
  2. A single choice does not define who I am.
  3. I choose love, every day.
  4. I accept myself unconditionally. 
  5. I forgive myself for past mistakes. 
  6. I give myself permission to grow and change. 
  7. I treasure my life lessons. 
  8. I don’t compare myself to anyone else. 
  9. I love myself unconditionally. 
  10. I practice kind and compassionate self-talk. 
  11. I choose thoughts and words that align in the life I desire. 
  12. I’m worthy of happiness and peace. 
  13. I take excellent care of my physical body. 
  14. I make plenty of time for self-care and self discovery. 
  15. I give myself permission to be creative and try new things. 
  16. I know I can do anything I set my mind to.
  17. I’m patient with myself as I expand my comfort zone.
  18. I self-soothe with words of encouragement and kindness.
  19. I nurture myself by choosing thoughts that make me feel my best.
  20. I forgive others as an act of self-love. 
  21. I deserve to feel peaceful. 
positive  affirmation of self love: The more I practice self love, the more love I attract from others. 
  1. I release all guilt and shame. 
  2. I celebrate my successes. 
  3. It’s OK that I’m not perfect because I’m not supposed to be. 
  4. I honor my body’s requests for self-care. 
  5. I trust my emotional guidance and allow it to direct my path. 
  6. I love myself dearly. 
  7. I spend time with people who bring out the best in me.
  8. I see all situations through the eyes of love. 
  9. I practice compassion for myself. 
  10. I let go of the need to be perfect. 
  11. I let go of the need to compare myself to others. 
  12. I put love into everything I do. 
  13. I practice patience with myself as I make positive changes. 
  14. It’s safe to learn new things about myself. 
  15. I treat myself the way I would treat my dearest friend.
  16. I make time to explore my interests. 
  17. I practice authentic self expression. 
  18. I give myself permission to say no. 
  19. My heart is open to more self-love. 
  20. When I love myself, my whole world changes. 
  21. I can love myself through any challenge. 
  22. I choose activities that nourish my mind, body and spirit. 
  23. I create healthy habits and routines that help me thrive.
  24. I love to nurture and heal my inner child. 
  25. I treat others the way I want to be treated. 
  26. Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business. 
  27. When I focus on self love all my other relationships fall into place. 
  28. All of my emotions are valid. 
  29. It’s safe to explore my feelings.
  30. Shadow work helps me process and release limiting beliefs.
  31. I let go of old stories that cause me suffering. 
  32. I find healthy ways to relieve stress and anxiety
  33. The more I practice self-love, the more fulfilling my life is. 
  34. I love exploring my life path.
  35. The more I practice self love, the more love I attract from others. 
positive affirmation of self love: The more I practice self love, the more love I attract from others. 

I AM Self Love Affirmations

‘I Am’ is a powerful phrase that can help you adopt new beliefs quickly. Try saying these affirmations of self love while looking in the mirror. It’s a powerful practice!

  1. I am beautiful inside and out. 
  2. I am my own best friend. 
  3. I am good enough. 
  4. I am surrounded by love. 
  5. I am deeply loved and cherished by the universe. 
  6. I am open to love in all its forms.
  7. I am loving and lovable. 
  8. I am worthy of all good things.
  9. I am letting go of unrealistic expectations for myself.
  10. I am a unique work of art. 
  11. I am growing wiser each day. 
  12. I am a good person. 
  13. I am my own self nurturer.
  14. I am always looking forward. 
  15. I am letting myself off the hook.
  16. I am whole. 
  17. I am a powerful extension of Source energy. 
  18. I am in this life to learn and love and grow. 
  19. I am worthy of my own love and affection. 
  20. I am building qualities of self-acceptance and lightheartedness. 
  21. I am choosing love over fear.
  22. I am proud of where I am and excited about where I’m going.
  23. I am my own biggest fan!
  24. I am attracting love in all its forms. 
  25. I am an advocate for my own wellbeing.
  26. I am making room in my heart for more love. 
I Am self love affirmation: I am making room in my heart for more love. 

Daily Affirmations of Self Love

These affirmations of self love are designed to say first thing when you awaken, or as you go through your morning routine.

  1. Today I’ll try my best and that will be enough.
  2. I love and honor myself exactly as I am today. 
  3. I will honor the commitments I make to myself today.
  4. Self-love is my top priority today.
  5. I decide who I share my life with. 
  6. I’m creating a life that brings me joy and purpose.
  7. Today I will choose joy. 
  8. I will look for things to celebrate as I move through the day. 
  9. I’ll be gentle and easy with myself.
  10. Negative emotions are signals to practice more self-love. 
  11. I feel self-assured and calm. 
  12. I deserve the best in all things. 
  13. I deserve to receive my upgrades. 
  14. I’m worthy of abundance. 
  15. I will be lighthearted and fun loving today. 
  16. I won’t take myself too seriously today. 
  17. Today’s going to be fun. 
  18. I’m going to do a great job today.
  19. I am safe and protected as I go about my day.
  20. I know the universe will bring me the best experiences today. 
  21. I’ll practice mindfulness to stay focused on the present moment. 
  22. This is going to be a beautiful day. 
  23. My energy is grounded and calm. 
  24. I am ready and able to take on this day. 
  25. Today I will practice positive self-talk. 
  26. I will be a cheerleader for myself today. 
  27. I will be kind to others. 
  28. It feels good to connect with other people. 
  29. I invite the universe to surprise and delight me today. 
  30. I choose clothes and accessories that make me feel comfortable and confident. 
  31. Whatever I do today, I will do with love.
  32. I don’t need any outside validation to know that I am good. 
daily self love affirmation: I don’t need any outside validation to know that I am good. 

  1. I respect my body. 
  2. I honor myself and everything that I do.
  3. I choose to release suffering and start fresh today. 
  4. It’s OK to let go of old thought patterns that I’ve outgrown.
  5. I’m comfortable praising myself. 
  6. I give myself permission to shine.
  7. My needs are every bit as important as everyone else’s. 
  8. I can trust myself to make healthy decisions for my future. 
  9. Each day I make my future-self proud. 
  10. As my emotions improve, my physical body thrives as well. 
  11. My life is so sweet.
  12. I see love everywhere I go. 
  13. I cross paths with the most lovely people. 
  14. This life offers me the perfect circumstances for my soul to learn and grow. 
  15. I deserve to be happy. 
  16. I’m allowed to make positive changes in my life. 
  17. The things that make me different from others are my greatest spiritual gifts. 
daily self love affirmation: The things that make me different from others are my greatest spiritual gifts. 

Night Affirmations for Self Love

These self love affirmations are perfect as you wind down for the day. Repeat your favorite as you drift off to sleep or try using the pillow method.

  1. I did my best today and that is enough. 
  2. I am exactly where I am meant to be.
  3. This is my sacred time to relax. 
  4. I notice where emotional discord shows up in my body and shower that area with love and comfort.
  5. I choose to focus on comfort and peace as I drift off to sleep. 
  6. Tonight I will have sweet dreams. 
  7. I give myself permission to release all worries. 
  8. I have no regrets about today.
  9. I take time to mentally and physically prepare myself for tomorrow.
  10. I always count my blessings at the end of the day. 
  11. I learned many new things today.  
  12. I’m grateful for the clarity and insights I gained today. 
  13. My bed is the sacred space for rest and recuperation that I deserve. 
  14. This is my time to receive. 
  15. My body deserves rest.
  16. Tomorrow is a new day filled with possibility. 
  17. I inhale healing energy and exhale all that does not serve me. 
  18. I cut energetic cords to anything that does not serve me. 
  19. I release any and all negativity I picked up throughout the day. 
  20. I choose to focus on what went right today.
  21. I focus my mind on pleasing thoughts while I unwind. 
  22. I release worries from the day and give my mind permission to be quiet.
  23. Tomorrow is a fresh start for me. 
  24. I’m proud of my accomplishments today. 
  25. I focus on my breathing to soothe my nervous system. 
  26. I yawn and stretch as a signal to my body to stand down. 
  27. It’s safe to let down my guard and relax. 
  28. Everything is perfect at this moment. 
  29. All is well in my world.
  30. The more I love myself, the better positioned I am to uplift others. 
  31. My spirit team lovingly heals and protects me while I sleep. 
  32. My life is a great love story that I am writing myself.
  33. My loving heart is a magnet for kindness and joy. 
  34. I release stress to make room for inner peace. 
night affirmation for self love: I did my best today and that is enough.
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How To Use Self Love Affirmations

Once you’ve found a few affirmations that hit home, you can work them into your self-care routine in many ways. Here are some ideas to explore:

Self-Love Journaling

You can use any of these affirmations as a self-love journal prompt. Consider the following:

  • What the affirmation means to you
  • How upgrading your beliefs will improve your life.
  • Ways you can practice more self-love.
  • Beliefs and fears holding you back

Or, you can repeat your affirmation on paper using the 33×3 or 55×5 manifestation methods to help it sink into your subconscious.

Mirror Work

Have you ever looked yourself dead in the eye and affirmed words of love? If the thought makes you cringe, then you need to try this! Loving and praising yourself should feel comfortable and natural. Keep it up for a week or so and notice the changes that surface.


Instead of trying to empty your mind for meditation, focus on your affirmation instead. You can even try repeating it as a mantra. Using green or pink mala beads to help you keep track of your repetitions adds even more power to your meditation practice.


I hope these affirmations of self love help you to remember that you are good, worthy, and loveable. If this post brought you comfort, please share it so others can find it, too.

You deserve the very best in all things! I am wishing you a life filled with love and joy as you explore your path.

XO, Andrea

165 self love affirmations to embrace your worthiness and goodness.
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Andrea Scalisi

Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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