You’re Grounded Set


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Stay grounded wherever you go with You’re Grounded aromatherapy set. Includes 4oz emotional support mist and 10ml roll-on. Organic and vegan.

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Root Chakra Roll On - You're Grounded

You're Grounded root chakra roll on is an organic essential oil roll on that brings awareness to the physical body, and promotes feeligns of safety. All the benefits of You're Grounded Mist in a convenient roll-on. 10ml.


Earthy, sweet


•Clove, Vetiver, Vanilla, Jojoba •Bloodstone, Hematite, Mother Earth, Smoky Quartz Crystal Essences •Reiki Energy •Organic •Vegan


These roll-ons are great because you can use them to write a private intention on your skin. Try scrawling the word ‘grounded’ on your forearm. Throughout the day, the aroma will remind you to check in with your body. Or, just roll onto pulse points for a grounding aromatherapy experience.


Organic vanilla-infused jojoba, organic clove oil, organic vetiver oil

You're Grounded · Stability + Focus

If you're feeling scattered, unstable, or just need a little reminder that you're safe, this blend is for you. This root chakra spray helps guide you to that stable place inside yourself, that's always at peace.

This is an especially supportive blend when there are major shifts going on within your tribe. Stress from family events, career changes, moving, and other upsets, can make you feel unsteady. You're Grounded encourages emotions to help you regain your footing.

This is also a wonderful blend if you're highly intuitive and empathic; it will bring gentle balance to your naturally high vibe, by keeping you grounded.

You're Grounded is an organic body mist for root chakra healing. Read more about the root chakra in the Description section below.


Sweet, Earthy


•Clove, Vetiver, Vanilla-Infused Jojoba •Bloodstone, Hematite, Mother Earth, and Smoky Quartz (Crystal Energy-Infused Water) •Reiki Energy •Organic •Vegan •4 fl. oz

TO USE:Close your eyes and spritz your face and neck generously. Then inhale deeply.


Distilled water, organic witch hazel, organic vanilla-infused jojoba, organic clove oil, organic vetiver oil


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