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Clear The Air – Sage Spray for Smudging

You can feel the shift in the air after an argument, or when negative people have been in your space, right? This blend was made with you in mind! Every interaction leaves an energetic trail behind. Clear The Air smudge spray will help you to clear away any lingering vibes that don’t serve you. This makes a wonderful room spray for your home, office, or vehicle. Keep it anyplace tensions run high. Clear The Air makes a great housewarming gift!

You can also use Clear The Air sage spray as a personal body mist. Give yourself a spritz to cleanse your aura from negativity picked up from the news, social media, and other people. Excellent before meditation or bedtime; the aroma is absolutely magical. Learn more about Clear The Air smudge spray in the Description section, below.

•Sage, Wintergreen, Myrrh
•Amber Crystal Essence (crystal-infused water)
•Palo Santo Wood Essence
•Pinch of Sea Salt
•Reiki Energy

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This body and air mist offers a unique twist on smudging. People have practiced smudging, or burning of sacred herbs, for centuries to banish negative energy. This smudge spray will cleanse and purify just like the ancient tradition, but without the smoke. Clear The Air smudge spray contains powerful elements to restore the energy of your sacred space. Sage essential oil, wood essence of Palo Santo, and a pinch of sea salt kill airborne germs and sweep away negativity.  Read the intention on the bottle before each use: All negativity is expelled from my energy field. Peace and light fill my sacred space.

Spritz generously in any space to create a peaceful atmosphere.



3 reviews for Smudge Spray – Clear The Air Mist

  1. Brenda Wolak

    Just started using this and it’s very nice. I use it before bed, it clears the day from me so I can have a good nights sleep.

  2. Silvia

    Does the job without the messiness of smudge sticks. In this form and light scent, you can easily travel with it or bring it to work to clear the air in your work space. Loved that I could use as a spray mist or add essential oil drops to my NOW diffuser.

  3. Jennifer Rafferty

    Being in the Human Resources field I have to be very conscious about wearing or using in my office anything that might aggravate someone’s allergies. I tried this spray in my office and I love it. It’s not overpowering, in fact it’s safe to inhale. I feel like it clears the air of any negativity and leaves a light clean scent. It was better then I expected!

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