pleasure principle essential oil roll on for sacral chakra

Sacral Chakra Roll On – Pleasure Principle

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Pleasure Principle is an organic essential oil blend for motivation and energy. If you’re feeling uninspired, this sweet and sassy blend will promote creativity, energy, and motivation. This blend fires up your sense of adventure and sensuality! It’s also very helpful for emotional healing from conflict within inter-personal relationships. Give this a try if you’re feeling unaccepted, or misunderstood. The theme of this blend is movement; use it whenever you feel like an area of your life is stagnant or stuck. All the benefits of Pleasure Principle Mist in a convenient roll-on. 10ml.

•Cinnamon, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Jojoba
•Carnelian, Orange Citrine and Orange Citrine Crystal Essences
•Reiki Energy

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This roll on for sacral chakra healing will get your motor running! Cinnamon, Orange, and Ylang Ylang give this blend a warming and spicy aroma, excellent for the sacral chakra. Fiery crystal essences kick the energy up another notch. Use whenever you need a boost! I dilute all roller blends safely in organic Jojoba oil, so the scent is very light, not overpowering. The 10ml bottle is perfect for travel.

Roll generously onto pulse points to stimulate creativity and motivation.

About The Sacral Chakra:

  • 2nd Chakra
  • Color – Orange
  • Location – Lower abdomen, below navel
  • Qualities – Relationships, passion, sexuality, creativity


Organic jojoba, organic orange oil, organic cinnamon oil, organic ylang ylang oil

2 reviews for Sacral Chakra Roll On – Pleasure Principle

  1. Macy

    I love using this to give me an organic “jolt” of energy.

  2. Brenda Wolak

    I received this as a gift and love it. Makes me smile and feel content when I use it. I recommend any Haven Shoppe product, very natural and holistic.

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