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You’re Grounded · Stability + Focus

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If you’re feeling scattered, unstable, or just need a little reminder that you’re safe, this blend is for you. This root chakra spray helps guide you to that stable place inside yourself, that’s always at peace.

This is an especially supportive blend when there are major shifts going on within your tribe. Stress from family events, career changes, moving, and other upsets, can make you feel unsteady. You’re Grounded encourages emotions to help you regain your footing.

This is also a wonderful blend if you’re highly intuitive and empathic; it will bring gentle balance to your naturally high vibe, by keeping you grounded.

You’re Grounded is an organic body mist for root chakra healing. Read more about the root chakra in the Description section below.

•Clove, Vetiver, Vanilla-Infused Jojoba
•Bloodstone, Hematite, Mother Earth, and Smoky Quartz (Crystal Energy-Infused Water)
•Reiki Energy
•4 fl. oz

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The root chakra is your energetic foundation, based on the earth element. Show it some love with this grounding root chakra spray. This smoky-sweet mist promotes balance with Clove, Vetiver and real Vanilla beans. Grounding crystals like Mother Earth and Bloodstone lend their stabilizing energy to the water, for a calming vibe. The bottle displays an intention for root chakra healing: I nourish and care for my body, and I securely connect to Mother Earth. I am safe in the world.

Spritz generously and inhale for a grounding, settling effect.


  • 1st Chakra, Muladhara
  • Color – Red
  • Location – Base of spine
  • Qualities – Survival, physical awareness, stability, belonging

The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is associated to feelings of physical security.  As your survival center, it holds energies associated to how safe you feel in the world, and sense of belonging. Your earliest experiences of how your basic human needs were met are stored in the root chakra. Someone with a balanced root chakra can be described as ‘having their feet on the ground’ or  ‘down to earth’, versus ‘having their head in the clouds’, or ‘spaced out’. Physical exercise, and activities that connect you to nature can help bring the root chakra into balance. Even simply standing outside barefoot or lying in the grass can really bolster a connection to the Earth, which will soothe and balance this energy center.



Distilled water, organic witch hazel, organic vanilla-infused jojoba, organic clove oil, organic vetiver oil

3 reviews for You’re Grounded · Stability + Focus

  1. Matt

    Great organic smelling spray that’s very relaxing.

  2. Allison Mitura

    By far my favorite spray! I use this frequently at work when the pace of the day is pulling me away from my root. It re-grounds me and allows me to stay true to myself regardless of my surroundings.

  3. Janelle

    This spray is a must for me!! I leave it in my office and use it before and after seeing patients to help me feel more grounded and present for sessions. Love love love this spray!

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