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Pillow Mist – Lights Out Sleep Spray

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Lights Out is an organic body and pillow mist to promote relaxation. 4oz.

•Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Jojoba
•Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, and Lepidolite Crystal Essences
•Reiki Energy

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A great night’s sleep is just a spritz away with this body and pillow mist! The most relaxing elements on the planet come together in this sleep spray to ease your nerves. Lavender and Vanilla calm feelings of stress. Gentle rose quartz and amethyst infuse the water for a calming effect. Safe for kids, too (ages 3 and up). Read the intention on the bottle just before bed to promote sweet dreams: I suspend my worries of the day, and fall into deep, peaceful sleep. My body and mind deserve rest.

Spritz generously over body, pillows, and bedding before sleep.


8 reviews for Pillow Mist – Lights Out Sleep Spray

  1. Julie

    I love the Lights Out scent. I spray it on my bed pillows every night! It relaxes me and I seem to get a better night’s sleep.

  2. Ellen Archino

    My husband and I use Lights Out body & soul mist faithfully. It is part of our bedtime routine now. It’s a great value – a little goes a long way, and it has a very “special” aroma that we both love.

  3. Jodi

    Lights Out is now a part of my night time ritual. I spray it on my pillows while listening to calming ocean waves and I’m able to relax & fall asleep within minutes! Truly an amazing spray!

  4. Missy

    Great spray tht always relaxes me and definitely helps me sleep better. It’s organic, which makes me feel comfortable using it daily.

  5. Sarah

    I love the way that lights out smells. It helps calm and relax me before bedtime.

  6. Gale

    Love this gentle, lovely spray – I spray on mine and my husband’s pillows at night, and sometimes a mist over my face or arms before bed. Very light. I love that I can be confident about the love and energy put into this product.

  7. Ron

    “Lights out” smells amazing! I spray it on my pillow to help me relax before I fall asleep. Great product!

  8. Ida

    Love it! The name says it all!

    • Andrea Scalisi

      Ida, I’m so glad you’re pleased with the Lights Out mist! Thanks so much for your feedback, it means a great deal!

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