nasal inhaler for mental focus

Nasal Inhaler for Mental Focus – Clarity Support

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Nasal inhaler for mental focus.


  • Frankincense calms the mind.
  • Lemon revives and clarifies.
  • Cardamom improves concentration.
  • Sandalwood boosts memory and reduces stress.
  • Organic
  • Vegan

To use: Simply hold your inhaler to one nostril while holding the other nostril closed. Take a deep, natural inhale. Repeat on the other side. Feel free to use multiple times per day. Recap tightly after each use and it will last several months!


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We all go through phases where we feel distracted and a little scattered.  This nasal inhaler for mental focus invokes clarity! Bright with a little spice, Mental Focus will help keep you sharp and lead you out of your mental fog. Great to keep in your work space. Excellent during meditation, too!

1 review for Nasal Inhaler for Mental Focus – Clarity Support

  1. Brenda Wolak

    I keep this at work and often use it after lunch when that afternoon slump creeps in. It really does clear my mind and increase focus, as well as helps my productivity.

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