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Awaken your spirit with Heaven’s Door crown chakra essential oils roll-on. If you’re experiencing confusion or need help settling your thoughts, Heaven’s Door is for you. This crown chakra blend will inspire you to connect to your spirituality on a deeper level. It promotes deep peace and clarity. Your spiritual awakening begins now! This is the perfect tool to support you as your journey unfolds.

Offers all the benefits of Heaven’s Door Mist in a convenient roll-on. 10ml.


Floral, sweet


•Jasmine, Sandalwood, Orange, Jojoba
•Herkimer Diamond, Selenite, Clear Quartz Crystal Essences
•Reiki Energy


Roll Heaven’s Door oil blend onto pulse points or behind the ears whenever you need your spirits lifted. This is an excellent blend to use in the morning or before meditation to raise your vibration.


Organic jojoba oil, organic orange oil, organic jasmine oil, organic sandalwood oil

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Heaven's Door Essential Oil Roll-On for Crown Chakra

Heaven’s Door is our crown chakra essential oils roll-on.  

Every Ingredient Explained

  • Jasmine is an intoxicating floral that keeps you present. It’s extremely high vibrational and is associated with the crown chakra.
  • Orange is famous for its uplifting effect on emotions. It adds a sweet balance to the blend and boosts immunity.
  • Sandalwood is a precious resource that has been used for centuries in spiritual practice.
  • Jojoba oil allows you to enjoy the powerful essential oils safely. It dilutes their strength so you can roll this blend directly onto your skin. It also ensures a light scent that won’t overpower your senses.Feel free to use as often as you’d like throughout the day. The 10ml bottle is perfect for travel.

About the Crown Chakra:

  • 7th chakra
  • Color – Violet, White
  • Location – Top of head
  • Themes – Connection, oneness, spirituality


We make our crown chakra essential oils roll-on with therapeutic grade oils. They've been GC/MS tested for purity.

Questions about this product? Ask Andrea

Andrea has been a Certified Aromatherapist since 2016. She hand-blends each product to be safe, effective and enjoyable.
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Andrea Scalisi

100% Organic

We make our chakra roll-ons with organic essential oils and organic cotton for the highest quality and purity. 

Made With Love in the USA

Handmade in Syracuse, New York. 

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1 review for Crown Chakra Roll On – Heaven’s Door

  1. Barb

    Easy to use, smells great, and is great for traveling.

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