Nasal Inhalers

  • stress & anxiety inhaler

    Stress & Anxiety

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  • nasal inhaler for mental focus

    Mental Focus

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  • nasal inhaler for immunity


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  • nasal inhaler for headache


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  • aromatherapy nasal inhaler for allergies and sinus


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100% Organic

We make our nasal inhalers with organic essential oils and organic cotton for the highest quality and purity. 

Made With Love in the USA

Handmade in Syracuse, New York. 

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Enjoy free domestic shipping on all orders over $20!

"Our organic nasal inhalers are the easiest way to get the powerful benefits of essential oils. Your nose contains mucous membranes, which are thinner than your external skin. So, nasal inhalers send all that essential oil magic straight to your blood stream super fast. Each blend smells amazing and offers a unique set of benefits. You can't miss."
A. Scalisi wearing yellow shirt
Andrea Scalisi
Owner, Aromatherapist

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