57 New Moon Affirmations to Create Your Fresh Start

The new moon is all about starting fresh, dreaming big, and planting seeds for your future. So if you’re ready to begin a new chapter, new moon affirmations are the perfect tool to support your intentions. Get ready to make some magic!

Why Say New Moon Affirmations?

Using new moon affirmations is a beautiful, effective way to honor your intentions for your next chapter.

When the moon is new, it represents a brand new cycle, with plenty of room for growth, change, creation, and awakening. So keep these themes in mind when you consider what you want to create for yourself next.

You can set new moon intentions for anything, from career goals, to love, health, adventure, or personal growth. Your wishes want to come true for you, and these new moon affirmations will invite them into your life.

How To Set Intentions on the New Moon

The intentions in your heart are the most important ingredient when it comes to manifesting with new moon affirmations.

All you really need to do is scroll through this list, find a new moon affirmation that speaks to you, and say it to yourself. Allow it to boost your emotions and spark excitement in your heart!

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You can set new moon intentions for literally anything that’s important to you right now.

For example, new moon affirmations for love are a great way to set your intentions and focus on what you want in the coming weeks.

You can use a new moon ceremony each month as a ritual to actively bring these affirmations into your life, cultivate them during the waxing phase of the moon, and let go of any doubts or fears during the waning phase.

This will help to manifest your deepest desires into reality.

You can embrace the potential of the new moon with a ritual focused on manifesting and manifesting love, abundance, and joy.

New Moon Affirmations for Your Next Phase

  • I am ready to embrace my future.
  • I’m excited about my next chapter.
  • I have plenty of energy to accomplish my tasks.
  • My imagination is a manifesting tool and I direct it with intention.
  • The Universe is guiding me toward my next best step.
  • A magical adventure is unfolding for me now.
  • I direct my thoughts toward what I want to create.
  • I’m optimistic and excited about this new chapter.
  • I am open to guidance from my spirit team on how to move forward.
  • I dream big.
  • The possibilities for my future are limitless.
  • I look forward to this unfolding.
  • I am growing, changing, and expanding.
  • Every day I move closer toward my upgrades.
  • I deserve positive change in my life.
  • I’m perfectly capable of bringing my dreams to fruition.
  • I’m following the path of least resistance toward my goals.
  • It’s safe to step out of my comfort zone.
  • I’m open to learning new lessons on the road to my upgrades.
  • I am in manifesting mode.
  • My creative power is limitless.
  • This is a beautiful new beginning and I embrace it wholeheartedly.
  • All of my power is in the present moment.
  • I’m open to new ways of thinking.
  • I lovingly release limiting beliefs that no longer serve me.
  • My life is beautiful and keeps getting better.
  • I welcome change into my life.
  • I see blessings everywhere.
  • Change is always a good thing.
  • I am a forward thinker.
  • I focus my attention on the here and now.  
  • Everything is unfolding for me in perfect timing.
  • I invite the universe to surprise and delight me.

New Moon Affirmations for Money

  • I see evidence of abundance all around me.
  • I rejoice when other people receive.
  • I am worthy of receiving abundance in all forms.
  • I’m perfectly capable of managing larger amount of income.
  • I’m in perfect alignment with the energy of prosperity.
  • Money is my friend and I welcome it into my life with open arms.
  • I’m creating a new relationship to money.
  • Money is my friend.
  • I love in an abundant universe.
  • There is more than enough of everything to go around.
  • Money flows to me from all directions.
  • My needs are always met.
  • My own prosperity empowers me to uplift others.
new moon affirmation: My own prosperity empowers me to uplift others.

New Moon Affirmations for Love

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, and is a time to reflect and focus your intentions on creating something new; including more love in your life.

Whether single or in a relationship, this is an excellent moment to start manifesting some of your desires through affirmations dedicated to finding the love you deserve.

  • My heart is open to new relationships.
  • I love connecting with new people.
  • I release old thought patterns and look at my loved ones with fresh eyes.
  • My self-talk is kind and loving.
  • I am worthy of my own love and affection.
  • I enjoy my own company.
  • I’m ready to attract a partner who is a reflection of my best self.
  • I honor and release energetics ties to old partners.
  • The creative process is fun! 
  • I say yes to new adventures.
  • I invite the universe to deliver me my perfect match.
new moon affirmation: I'm ready to attract a partner who's a reflection of my best self.

How To Use New Moon Intentions

There are lots of ways to use your new moon affirmations. Here are some ideas, but the sky’s the limit, so get creative. That’s what new moon energy is all about!

  • Write it on paper and slip it under your pillow the night of the new moon.
  • In your manifesting journal, write about what your affirmation means to you, why you picked it, and how it makes you feel.
  • Use the 33×3 or 55×5 manifesting techniques.
  • Place your affirmation into a manifestation box.  
  • Add it as a reminder in your phone, as a daily affirmation of your progress.

Maximize Your New Moon Affirmations

I always work in essential oils whenever I set intentions because there’s such a powerful connection between your emotions and your sense of smell.

Write your affirmation on paper and drop a bit of your favorite oil right onto it.

Then, dab a bit on your wrist daily as you work toward your goals. Whenever you catch the aroma, you’ll be reminded of your affirmation, and empowered to stay on your path.

This Aligning essential oil blend from Rocky Mountain Oils is absolutely perfect for setting new moon intentions. It was created to help you stay centered and peaceful, so you can stay in vibrational alignment with your desires:

woman's hand holding a bottle of RMO's Aligning essential oil blend with a mountain in the background
This sweet and woodsy blend of Rosewood, Spruce, Frankincense, and Roman Chamomile will help you to align your mind-body-and spirit, so you can manifest your fresh start.

Here’s a video of RMO’s founder talking about how she uses this blend.


Did you find your perfect new moon affirmation? I’d love to hear which one you chose, so leave me a comment below and share!

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