It’s Go Time, Ladies: Step Into Your Life Purpose

The Haven Shoppe has been celebrating the woman’s soul since 2015 – one whole year!! Enjoy and share this anniversary video, dedicated to your inner Goddess!!

It’s Go Time, Ladies: Step Into Your Life Purpose

To be a woman is an amazing gift. For starters, nobody gets a life without going through one of us, right? We’re the gateway between Heaven and Earth! That alone makes us pretty incredible.

I think a lot of women lose sight of how important they are; how valuable their work is as they go through daily life. But the truth is, we’ve all been perfectly scattered across this world to shine light and love into the darkest places; and each of us is guided to do that in a unique way. So since you may not hear it enough, let this message serve as a reminder that you are needed. And even though you may not feel it, you are a world changer.

This is a call for you to reconnect with the Goddess energy inside you who knows her worth, and her mission. The rest of us are counting on you to find your joy in life, because when you do what you love, your life purpose unfolds in ways that benefit us all. It’s time to check your fears at the door, and start a movement toward your most authentic self.

So belt out your truth, without apology. Indulge your curiosities, honor your gifts, and hone your skills, because that is going to lead you down the path you’re destined for, and awaken parts of yourself you may not have even known were there. And when sleeping women wake, mountains move.

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