Introducing…The Haven Shoppe Poster Goddess!

When I decided it was time to create a logo for The Haven Shoppe, I wanted to capture the sense  of freedom and deep peace that becomes a woman when she embraces her true nature. The colors would be very important, and I was hit with a palette right away.

Brown, to symbolize a deeply rooted connection to Mother Earth; grounded, stable and able to withstand any storm. Gold was a must, since it perfectly denotes every woman’s natural born Goddess status.

Naturally, mama moon required proper representation, since she represents the Divine Feminine. The full moon, specifically, evokes emotional release, shifting energy and making room for great new adventures, as we let go of what we no longer need. Under the glow of the full moon is where we’re prodded to shed old layers, thinning the veil between our masks and our true, unapologetic selves.

All these elements come together and radiate the mystery, power, and magic that make up every woman.

It is this same energy that infuses my Body & Soul Mists, which I create with the intention of bringing deep comfort and healing at a very personal level. Each bottle is wrapped in love and buzzing with a flurry of high vibes for your highest and best. They are not simply aromatherapy products; they are sacred provisions to assist you along your path.

My intention for you, and all who lay eyes on this little lady, is that you soak up just the right amount of energy to receive a personal healing of your own. Cast your gaze on her whenever you need a boost, or feel that your crown needs straightening.

Rock on, ancient queen. I’m honored to be part of your journey.

With Much Love,



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