How to Overcome Fear

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We all have to overcome fear during our lives. Fear of failure, rejection, abandonment are just a few of the common fears that trigger anxiety for many of us. These feel like serious topics that affect how we live our lives. But what if you considered fear from a more playful perspective? Imagine for a moment that you’re inside of a video game. How would that change the role fear has in your life? 

Why do we experience fear?

Whatever has your scared stiff, from public speaking to spiders, there are tools that can help. For starters, you need to remember who you really are! First and foremost, you’re a soul. This human life is just one small part of your eternal existence.

Before you were born, your higher self plotted a course for your time here on Earth. You chose a life purpose, which may be anything from healer, to protector, or teacher. Then you made contractual agreements with every other soul you’ll encounter during your lifetime, with whom you’ll share experiences to support your life purpose. Finally, you selected lessons to focus on for your spiritual growth. 

Yes, brave queen, you volunteered to show up at this specific time and place for the highest and greatest good of one and all. This human experience is just a blip on the grand, eternal scale of your soul. 

Where does fear come from?

So here you are in the world, living your life with soul goals to complete (whether you remember them or not). Just like in game world, you’ll fall into traps, head down paths that lead nowhere, trip and fall. You’ll make discoveries and allies along the way, gain skills and master lessons of your life.

But as you level up, the stakes get higher and fear starts creeping in and holding you back. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to tame your fear so you can embrace your authentic self (or in game world, slay the dragon holding the princess captive).

Fear in its most basic sense is your mind’s defense tool to keep you safe from harm. In small doses, it can be an informative friend. But when left unchecked, fear will stop you from having the experiences your soul is seeking. 

Benefits of overcoming fear

Fear will do anything to keep you from doing anything that feels like a risk. It will tell you you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve happiness, that your dreams are unattainable, and all other sorts of baloney. When you fall prey to your ‘inner dragon’, you engage in self-sabotaging beliefs, turn to unhealthy distractions, and make choices that drown out the voice inside you trying to steer us in a better direction. That voice is your soul, imprisoned by fear and buried under a heap of false beliefs of inferiority.

The good news here is that your soul is no helpless waif of a princess.

From beyond her prison cell she is screaming her ancient, divine head off to be released. Your soul has full recollection of your life purpose and is constantly sending you messages to jog your memory. She sinks your stomach when you’re about to do something that doesn’t resonate with your highest good. You may sense her through goose bumps when you’re onto something that will help you along your path. She’ll arrange inexplicable synchronicities and send you signs through animal sightings, dreams and brilliant ideas.

Every time you acknowledge your inner knowing, you loosen her chains and knock the wind out of that dragon. When you overcome fear, you can start creating the life you desire. 

How to overcome fear

There are many ways to overcome your fears. Pick and choose from the options below as you see fit.


Your mind is such a powerful thing, my friend. When you visualize worst case scenarios, you are feeding your fears.  Meditation is all about stopping thought. When you stop fearful thoughts, you starve them. Here are a few meditation options for you to try.

Beginner’s Meditation

Next time you catch yourself in a fearful thought, stop and take 1 deep inhale through the nose. Hold it at the top for 4 seconds, then exhale through the mouth. Focus on your breathing and nothing else. This will take you less than 15 seconds but will make a huge difference in how you feel. Yes this is a form of meditation!

Remember, if you’re not actively thinking, you’re doing it. If you need a little extra help focusing, pair this exercise with an aromatherapy nasal stick. Just hold it directly against your nostril and take a deep, natural inhale. A calming scent does wonders to keep the mind occupied. This one is specifically for stress and anxiety, but there are several blends to choose from.  

stress & anxiety inhaler

Intermediate Meditation

Can you lie still for 5 minutes? Guided meditations are a great way to help you focus. Begin your day with this free body scan meditation. This meditation will keep you grounded and help to stay calm throughout the day. It also trains your brain not to jump into stress mode the minute you wake up. Try it and see.

Advanced Meditation

Every day, reserve 15 minutes for quiet meditation. Sit or lie comfortably. Focus on white noise or the sound of your own breath. If your mind begins to chatter, that’s okay. Just keep coming back to your breath.

Talk to your fear

Sometimes it can feel like fear is running the show. Fear is just one part of you. To help overcome your fear, try talking to your fear as if it were a scared friend or child that needs comforting. What would you say if you were trying to comfort someone else? This exercise creates some distance between yourself and your anxiety.  

Express your fears

There’s a very strong possibility that the thing you fear the most will never, ever happen! To reclaim your power over fear, answer these questions out loud or write them down:  

  • What is the very worst thing that could happen?
  • Which emotions would I feel if it happened?
  • How would I react if it did happen?
  • Is it likely to happen at all?  

The goal of this exercise is to help you understand what you’re really afraid of. Usually it boils down to fear of failure or embarrassment. Unless your physical life is at risk, changes are your fear is not in proportion with your worst case scenario. 

If you really want to make a statement, burn the paper when you’re done, to symbolize your fears going up in smoke. They even make little cast iron pots for this ritual  – who knew!  

Strengthen your Solar Plexus

Every emotion you have corresponds to an area of the physical body. Courage, confidence, and personal power live in your solar plexus, the upper abdomen area.  There are ways to get energy flowing through this energy center so that you will feel more confidence and less fear. Here are some of the best ways to boost your solar plexus to overcome fear:

Mental strength comes from your solar plexus, so building strength in the corresponding body area will help you reclaim your personal power. Warrior yoga poses are great for the solar plexus. Ab crunches, hoola hooping or anything else that strengthens your core will work too.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to use yoga to overcome fear, this a good article from Yoga Journal.

Wear yellow

Every energy center is represented in the color spectrum. Yellow is the color to overcome fear and anxiety. It help balance the energy in your solar plexus. Wear yellow clothes, treat yourself to a bouquet of sunflowers, or decorate your personal space with yellow to uplift your mood.

Your senses are taking everything in, all the time. It’s important to surround yourself with pleasing colors and textures.  

Foods for the solar plexus

For a quick power boost, drop a lemon wedge into your water or enjoy a cup of ginger tea (in your favorite yellow cup!). Fear an anxiety can wreak havoc on your digestive system. If you suffer from IBS or other tummy issues, follow a diet that’s easy on your digestion. Your body is unique, so follow your own guidance. As you practice your meditation and build confidence, you’ll see an improvement in your physical wellness, too.


Did you know there are essential oils blends specifically for overcoming fear?  Their aromas send a signal to your brain to help you feel empowered and capable. Power Pose was created specifically to balance the energy of your solar plexus. It ushers in feelings of courage and confidence.  

Books on how to overcome fear

You are not alone in your quest to overcome fear – not by a long shot! Here are some inspirational books on how to overcome fear.

Acknowledge your progress

Overcoming your fears is a journey. You’re teaching yourself skills that will serve you throughout your life! So don’t pressure yourself or try to rush this. Every time you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone, pat yourself on the back. Write it down. Include it in your list of things you’re grateful for when you end the day.  

Once you start listening to your soul’s voice, her light shines brighter and chases away fear’s shadow. All you have to do to get this processing going is start listening to your inner wisdom. Invite your soul to lead the way and she will gladly start tossing out a breadcrumb trail for you to follow in the direction of your dreams. It will undoubtedly require you to step out of your comfort zone, and it will feel scary at times, but the rewards will be tremendous.

Now go forth and slay!



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