How to Attract a Healthy Relationship

There are ways to ensure you attract and maintain a healthy relationship that is loving, attentive, and respectful. After all, you deserve nothing less! It all begins with you: your to quest find love absolutely must begin with loving yourself. Let’s explore some ways you can attend to your own needs, which will naturally attract a partner who mirrors those nourishing traits.

Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship

Let’s begin by looking at some ways in which you can concentrate on yourself. By being the best version of yourself, you’re much more likely to attract positive experiences into your life, and this includes your romantic relationship.

1. Practice Self-Love

Self love is important work! You need to spend time getting in touch with your desires, and become your own source of love and acceptance. There are countless ways to practice self love, but the important thing to remember is to make yourself a priority every day, even if it’s just for a few moments. This is a way of teaching yourself self-respect; when we put ourselves at the bottom of our own priority list, we’re send ourselves a message of unworthiness. As a result, we lower our expectations of how others should treat us. See why self love is an essential building block to a healthy partnership? 

Here are some ways in which you can practice self love – this should be enjoyable, so have fun with it!

  • Buy yourself fresh flowers
  • Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful
  • Indulge in a relaxing bath or hit the spa
  • Find a mantra that works for you and repeat it throughout the day
  • Take a walk in nature for quiet reflection time
  • Stop comparing yourself to others and find the things that make you special
  • Keep self-talk positive; don’t talk down to yourself
  • Use essential oil blends to help with heart healing

2. Take Care of Your Health

Maintaining good physical health is essential for your relationship; if you’re unwell, there’s no way you’ll have the energy to invest in a partner. By nurturing your body and mind, you’re also sending a message to potential or current partners which says ‘I have value.’ Let’s look at some ways to ensure you’re honoring your wellness.

  • Move that beautiful body, every day. It doesn’t matter if you do yoga, go running, or do a few minutes of gentle stretching. Listen to your body and do what feels good.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking enough water (half your body weight in ounces is a good rule of thumb). Toss in some lemon to boost wellness benefits.
  • Meditate regularly, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It’s a great way to keep your mental health in check.
  • Aim to have 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night.
  • Practice gratitude: acknowledging the blessings in your life programs your brain to look for the positive aspects of every situation.

3. Journal

Writing in a journal is a fantastic way to gather your thoughts, clarify your needs, and release any pent up emotion. By journaling regularly, you enable yourself to become aware of what you expect from a relationship and from the people around you. This will contribute to success in your romantic relationship. Some ideas for journal topics include:

  • Goals and aspirations
  • You current emotions
  • Plans for the day/week/month/year
  • How certain people in your life make you feel
  • Log your dreams

It’s important to have a dedicated, sacred space to capture your thoughts. Here are some of our top journal picks :

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Healthy partnerships begin with self-love. Read How to Practice Self Love: 11 Life Changing Tips next!

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