Horror Flick Survival Guide

halloweenI’ve always been a sucker for scary movies. Whether or not you’re a fan, you’ve probably seen enough to know there are certain keys to survival.  This Halloween season, why not carve out a few self help metaphors among the jack-o-lanterns with tips to not just survive, but thrive in situations where the odds are stacked against you.

Don’t panic. 

Feeling like you’ve been tossed into an empty grave and left for dead? Climbing out of an emotional pit can seem like an impossible task. The first thing to do is  establish a connection to your center, where it’s calm. Among the chaos and stress, settle on one thought, affirmation, or memory powerful enough to bring you unwavering peace; something you know to be true, pure, and love-based. Allow that feeling to comfort you, and draw strength from it. Use resources and helpful people around you to pull yourself up to higher ground.

Illuminate your path.

We’ve all seen the young, helpless victim stumbling into the dark woods despite all common sense, somehow managing to tear her previously conservative outfit into something off the Xena Warrior Princess clearance rack. If you find yourself lost in the proverbial woods, feeling vulnerable and unsure of where you’re going in life, stop where you are and reassess.  Get honest with yourself about what really brings you fulfillment. What activities, people and places bring you joy? How would you spend your days if money was no object? The answers to these questions will illuminate your true path. Find ways to infuse them into your daily life, and make plans for big, bold next steps.

Don’t conjure up old ghosts.

Any movie that opens with a Ouiji Board scene is sure to end badly for all involved. Similarly, when you hold onto old hurt, anger and resentment, you end up keeping past traumas alive, which prevents you from healing, and experiencing the peace you deserve. More suffering comes from reliving traumatic experiences in our memories, than the actual event itself. So, every time you catch yourself replaying an old story in your mind, say the word ‘stop’ or ‘cancel’ out loud. Then follow up with a positive affirmation such as, “I deserve peace”. Retrain your brain to replace those negative thoughts with something more nourishing. Need help releasing old emotional trauma?  Feel The Love aromatherapy mist can help you.

Face down the demons.

At some point in every slasher movie, the ghastly circumstances surrounding the villain’s past are revealed, offering insights on how he came to be the soul snatching, havoc wreaking monster that he is today. In doing so, his weaknesses are revealed, offering valuable information for the prey to turn the tables and take down her pursuer.  The same goes for your own demons. If you can gather enough strength to shine a bright light on your fears instead of running from them, you’ve taken a major step toward overcoming them completely. Explore the root of these fears, and acknowledge the areas in which they’re holding you back. Both on and off screen, demons lose their power when you turn on the lights. If you need a dose of liquid courage, read more about our Power Pose body mist.

The reality is that we are our own worst enemies. Most of our issues and anxieties are a result of trying to suppress emotions that we’re afraid to experience. But if we allow ourselves to be forge into the painful places in our hearts, we’re able to understand, heal and release them. So no matter how desperate your situation feels, please remember that you always have the ability harness your inner champion. Start by finding the inner calm, then stand tall in your power; drag old fears into the light, and slay your demons once and for all. Do this, and I have no doubt you will emerge from the dark woods stronger, wiser, and more peaceful than ever before…and if we’re sticking to true Hollywood form, probably nipping.

Happy Halloween!

With Love,


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