‘OM’ for the Holidays – Stress Relief through Chakra Balancing

hoAlong with peppermint lattes and snowmen, the holiday season also ushers in a fair amount of stress. For that reason, I’ve decided to dedicate this month’s post to the chakras, the seven energy centers of the body that make up the beautiful, unique colors of your aura. All emotions and experiences, both positive and negative, are stored in these energy centers. Below, you’ll be introduced to the chakras, specific ways to clear them, and the Body & Soul Mist created specifically to support each one. A balanced, free flow of energy through the subtle body reduces stress and helps to restore the mind-body-spirit balance.

ROOT CHAKRA – Body & Soul Mist: You’re Grounded

Color: Red

Location: Base of spine/tailbone

The Root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is associated to an individual’s feelings of physical security. As our survival center, it holds energies associated to how safe we feel in the world, and our sense of belonging among fellow humans. Our earliest experiences of how our basic human needs were fulfilled are stored here. Someone with a balanced Root chakra can be described as ‘having their feet on the ground’ or ‘down to earth’, versus ‘having their head in the clouds’, or ‘spaced out’.

Tip: Physical exercise, and activities that connect you to nature can help bring the Root chakra into balance. Even simply standing outside barefoot or lying in the grass can really bolster a connection to the Earth, which will soothe and balance this energy center.

SACRAL CHAKRA – Body & Soul Mist: Pleasure Principle

Color: Orange

Location: Lower Abdomen

Located in the pelvic area just below the navel, the Sacral chakra is the center for passion and pleasure. While the Root chakra focuses on how you as an individual fit into your tribe, the Sacral focuses on partnerships: our ability to trust, express emotion, and enjoy the pleasures of life. It’s also the seat of creativity, since everything we create is driven by passion: think about being ‘on fire’ about a particular project, idea, or cause. When the Sacral chakra is in balance, you express yourself with ease, embrace life and are comfortable with your sexuality.

Tip: To open this energy center, try hip-opening stretches, dancing, or any activity that allows you to move in a fluid motion; this is a great excuse to bust out that hula hoop or wear something that makes you feel sexy.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – Body & Soul Mist: Power Pose

Color: Yellow

Location: Just above navel

As the power center, the Solar Plexus chakra governs our feelings of personal power and self esteem. While the first two chakras deal with our relationships with others, the Solar Plexus focuses on the ego, and how we define ourselves. Many people hold lots of stress here. Indicators of a balanced Solar Plexus chakra include confidence, a healthy sense of humor, self discipline, ability to take on challenges, and being uninhibited by what others may think.

Tip: When this energy center needs a boost,  try soaking up some rays, and doing yoga warrior poses, or any exercise that helps strengthen the core. Tackle a small, attainable project when a clear end goal, like organizing a junk drawer; something that’ll give you a sense of accomplishment. Find situations in which you can assert yourself, and make yourself heard. Make an effort to stay hydrated and eat healthy foods that agree with you, as folks working through issues in this energy center often experience IBS and other digestive issues.

HEART CHAKRA – Body & Soul Mist: Feel the Love

Color: Green, Pink

Location: Center of chest

The heart chakra is our love center, and it’s special because it marks the mid point between the lower chakras that focus on basic needs, and the higher chakras where we begin to establish spiritual connections. Emotional trauma and heartbreaks are recorded here, which makes this chakra especially deserving of attention for clearing and healing. When this energy center is in balance, we are capable of forgiveness and compassion toward ourselves, as well as others. Jealousy takes a back seat and we reach out with sincerity.

Tip: To support the healing of the heart chakra, wear emerald or jade jewelry. Ask the deity of your choice or your Higher Self to help you to forgive and release all negative emotions that no longer serve you. Add rose oil to a relaxing bath, and light pink or green candles. You may also practice the yoga fish pose, and deep breathing exercises; however you feel guided to honor your feelings while treating yourself gently, with loving compassion.

THROAT CHAKRA – Body & Soul Mist: Speak Your Truth

Color: Blue

Location: Throat

As the communication center, a well balanced throat chakra allows us to speak and hear the truth. Those having a sluggish throat chakra may have difficulty articulating their thoughts and feelings verbally, or may be excessively shy. Do you naturally lower your chin toward your chest, covering the throat area while speaking? Your words deserve to be heard, so practice holding your head high, and projecting your voice. Alternatively, if you encounter someone who talks way too much, or is constantly speaking dramatically or in a dominating tone, their throat chakra might need to be dialed down a pinch.

Tip: To help achieve balance in this energy center, try gently rolling the head to the front, right, back, and left to stretch and massage the neck muscles. Roaring lion pose is an excellent way to release tension in the face, throat and neck (you’ll look a little crazy, but it works – Google it). You may also try singing, wearing blue, or carrying a piece of turquoise in your pocket. Dab on some Ylang Ylang essential oil to promote overall balance; use geranium to foster intimate communication.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA  – Body & Soul Mist: Crystal Visions

Color: Indigo

Location: Center of forehead

This is your psychic hub, the center for clear vision and consciousness. Visionaries, artists, musicians, writers, and charismatic sales people are all examples of an open third eye. This chakra allows you to tap into Divine source, and trust your ‘hunches’. When the 3rd eye is in balance, you go with your gut, think clearly, understand the big picture, and are readily inspired with new ideas, and execute on them. You may also experience phenomena where you see, hear, and feel things that can’t be logically explained.

Tip: To help open the third eye, try yoga poses that prepare you for the headstand, keeping your concentration on the center of the forehead. Try a third eye meditation, either on your own, or choose from the many guided meditations available for free on YouTube. You may also diffuse lavender or frankincense, or wear the color purple. Want more info? Check out 10 Ways to Develop Your Intuition for more ideas.

CROWN CHAKRA – Body & Soul Mist: Heaven’s Door

Color: Violet, White

Location: Top of head

The crown chakra is our connection to spirituality. The main theme here is oneness: the realization that we have a spiritual connection, not only to a life force greater than ourselves, but to each other, the animals, trees, oceans, and every other living thing on this planet. Understanding and HiRes.jpghonoring this connection is said to be the key to a happy, joyful life. When the crown chakra is in balance, you can easily empathize with others, and are able to experience peace and happiness within yourself, as opposed to depending on external factors. It is said that the soul enters the body through the crown chakra at birth, and exits here at death.

Tip:To open this energy center, practice visualizing a radiant white or violet light filling the top of your head. Participate in activities you find inspirational, and take a few moments on a regular basis to honor the Divine in your own way, whether it’s through prayer, meditation, or spending quiet time in nature.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful – enjoy a peaceful and joy filled holiday season!

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