Gale’s Story

A little over a year ago, I was running out of meetings at my office to vomit in the ladies water-lily.jpgroom. I hadn’t had to vomit only once or twice in twenty-five years. It happened a few times, then it ceased. From that point on my ability to cope, work, think, function, and my physical activity all slowly depleted; until the last stressful period at work, when finally I crumbled. No hospital. No emergency room. No dramatic scene. I prayed. A lot. My skin had developed a “poison-ivy-like rash” (emotional eczema) over my torso, back and front. I cried at the drop of a hat. My temper flared easily. I was sad often. My muscles had wasted away and I had lost weight. I itched constantly. I thought I might have a nervous breakdown.

I prayed for direction because I knew I needed to seek professional help.

A spiritual advisor I was working with at the time recommended a doctor in Long Island. I said, “I can’t go to Long Island”. She said, “He works through your blood, he is very good”. Ahh. I have known others who have done this with good results. I trusted my recommendation. She was right. Now ten months later, many improvements later, she was right, he is amazing.
It’s not an illness. It’s not a disease. It has no name. I am a low adrenal person with a biochemical malfunction in my system. For me, this was caused by many things: stress first and foremost; alcoholism (I am presently 24 years clean and sober); possibly some genetics in there; and last but not least, poor diet.

I treat it by changing my diet according to what my bloodwork shows I need.

I take supplements (not sold by) prescribed by my doctor, according to my bloodwork. Both are monitored by my doctor. And YES, he is a doctor. A doctor of nutrition and a scientist. Among other things.
I am thrilled with the results I have seen so far. I look forward to “feeling better than ever” as my doctor put it from the beginning. I have learned so much about myself. I did not realize that this would not only be a health experience, but a spiritual experience, too. I have an even stronger conviction about who and what I am than ever before.
This was “my” way of dealing with “my” health issue.

I believe there is a way to heal the body without harmful drugs.

I believe there is a way to heal the body with foods, supplements and vitamins, with direction from a health professional.

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