Essential Oils for Skin Healing

Something magical happens once word begins to spread you’ve become an gaspareAromatherapist. Opportunities to empower and soothe the discomforts of those around you seem to come out of the woodwork!

I chose to obtain my Certification in Aromatherapy with the intention of enhancing my small business. While the certification has been invaluable in advancing my startup, perhaps the most rewarding experiences are those I never saw coming. One of my favorite stories is when my friend came to see me because her sweet little boy’s fingertips were all cracked and red from eczema.

The winter weather was causing his sensitive skin to chap.

Determined to avoid harsh chemicals, she asked if I could suggest an alternative to over-the-counter creams.
I quickly whipped up a gentle batch of lavender and frankincense, safely diluted with organic jojoba in a (spill proof!) roll-on bottle. Little Gaspare was able to apply the oil himself, and he was so excited. Here he is using his very own custom blend like a total boss! Such a sweetheart.

Mom also used this blend on his diaper rash and it disappeared in 24 hours – amazing!

My Aromatherapist certification has helped me to hone my blending skills and safely share natural remedies with my clients. More importantly, it’s allowed me to bring comfort to my loved ones and help them to live healthier lives with these miraculous oils. This has not only enriched my life, it’s created a beautiful ripple effect that brings healing to my little piece of the world.

Would you take a moment to share with me your health opportunities that you’d like to see a natural remedy for? There are essential oil blends to support just about every malady under the sun. I’d love to bring your ideas to life with new Haven Shoppe products. Or, visit my line of chakra balancing oil blends. I look forward to hearing from you!

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