111 Best Affirmations for Women

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Hey, woman! Over the years, I’ve noticed recurring themes among my hundreds of female clients and followers. These affirmations for women are broken out by the biggest hitting topics. You deserve a life that fulfills, inspires, and supports you in all ways. These affirmations are tools to help you invite upgrades into your life.  If … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Heart Healing

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Could you use some heart healing? When your heart is heavy it’s difficult to feel joy in any area of your life. Whether you’re grieving, recovering from a breakup, or healing old wounds, emotional healing can feel like a slow and painful process. But there are things you can do to help yourself. Heart healing … Read more

Stay Calm Before an Event

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If you have trouble trying to stay calm before an important event, join the club! Stepping out of your comfort zone can be extremely uncomfortable. From public speaking, to a dreaded doctor appointment or going on a first date, fear of the unknown can be unbearable. One self-care practice I find super helpful to stay … Read more

Ultimate Guide on How to Heal Anxiety

If you’re wondering how to heal anxiety naturally, you’re in the right place. Anxiety affects over 40 million Americans and is almost thought of as a normal part of life – but it is not! You are not a victim of anxiety. You can set your intention to heal and return to your natural state … Read more

How To Be Creative: The Reason You Feel Blocked

Are you banging your head against the wall trying to come up with answers? This is your written invitation to let yourself off the hook! Whether you’re trying to make an important decision or come up with the fix to a problem, force is not going to get you there. There’s a much easier and far more enjoyable way to get inspired.

Horror Flick Survival Guide

I’ve always been a sucker for scary movies. Whether or not you’re a fan, you’ve probably seen enough to know there are certain keys to survival.  This Halloween season, why not carve out a few self help metaphors among the jack-o-lanterns with tips to not just survive, but thrive in situations where the odds are stacked against you. … Read more

1 Easy Tip To Be More Mindful

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What Is Mindfulness? Do you feel like you’re losing your grip on the day before its even begun? Everyone is asking how to be more mindful lately. But what does mindfulness really mean?  How often do you go through your morning routine while you’re thinking about your plans for the day? Maybe when you’re backing … Read more

Confessions of a Reformed Label Shopper

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Once upon a time, in my mid twenties, I was less interested in self actualization and more concerned with self image. One autumn day during that time, I received a gift certificate for a trendy, outrageously expensive boutique, and decided to do a little shopping. As I entered the shoppe, a gorgeous associate approached wearing a … Read more