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Here are some Haven Shoppe testimonials from queens who are rocking their self-care practice.

Reiki Testimonials

"I have been feeling a bit scattered lately and not even able to focus long enough to do my normal meditations and having insomnia. So I called my friend Andrea Scalisi with The Haven Shoppe and she got me in for a reiki session last night. Let me tell you, I have been able to focus and complete the tasks today that I have been trying to complete all week. Thank you Andrea! If you are in need of an energetic cleanse, or even a little self care, go see Andrea, she is truly amazing!!"

Janelle P

"If you are looking to restore your physical and emotional well-being I highly recommend Andrea. I had the most amazing experience. My mind-body-spirit connection feels complete. Thank you so much Andrea!! 5 plus stars."

Judy W

"I am a true believer that self-care begins with heart and soul care; without those parts of us being in line, nothing else will ever flow well. I have had reiki before but NEVER what I experienced here. Monthly gym membership?? Nope. Monthly reiki care! I've already booked for next month. Realign your heart and soul to move forward in all ways. Andrea is a special soul with a gift. See will be grateful.

Kim B

"Andrea is amazing! Most excellent reiki session (as always). Love, love."

Maria M

Product Testimonials

"I've used many of the products and had a reiki treatment! I highly recommend.

Gale D

"I cannot begin to describe how much I love these magical body mists! I have them all and use them all the time. The aroma of each matches the intention of the spray in a very deep, natural way, and it is amazing the energy that seems to linger in the air after each use. It's really uncanny. Whether it's the soothing comfort of Lights Out which lulls me to sleep, or the sudden spark of confidence I feel after using Power Pose, the positive benefits are countless. Thank you for bringing us these wonderful little creations!PS - I also love that they're 100% organic."

Kathy L

"I love the quality of your essential oil products. They last but do not smell cloyingly intense-just perfect. Even with allergies I do well with them. I'm a fan!"

Colleen E

"Thank you so much for the You're Grounded spray. I used it this morning after my meditation and LOVED it!!!"

Janelle P

"Can I just say what a wonderful product this is? Seriously, I know very little about aromatherapy, but I am absolutely in love with my three sprays. I spray Lights Out every night on my pillows and in the air. It truly sets the scene for a great nights sleep. Pleasure Principle is my favorite. I spray it everywhere I just love it. Clear the Air I keep in my car. Everyone comments on it.

They are all such lovely, scents. For someone like me, who is totally type A personality, these are a life saver! Thank you!"

Diana L

"My 3 year old son suffers from eczema and has bad breakouts during winter. After trying several different types of lotions including vegan, organic, and even medicated I turned to Andrea at the Haven Shoppe for help. She created an essential oil blend for him and even thought to put it in a roll-on container for him to apply easily himself. This is the only thing he will allow me to put on his skin. After a week of using this his skin was 100% better. I will definitely go here first for any of our health concerns. Thank you Haven Shoppe!"

Julie A

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