Blooper Reel

Muscle Butter Outtakes

Last month, I introduced two new products, Warming and Cooling Muscle Butters. I decided to create a video introducing the butters because,
well, that’s Marketing 101, but also because I saw an opportunity to walk my talk.

Day in and day out on social media, I encourage you to take risks; to pat your silly fears on the head and then shove past them to accomplish your goals.

I realized the idea of creating a video for you made me
highly uncomfortable! I’ve become quite cozy hiding behind my daily posts, sharing disembodied wisdom from a safe distance. In my defense, there was a time when sharing written content absolutely terrified me, too. But I’ve moved past that now, thanks to  your blessed receptivity. Yep, it’s time for me to push past my comfort zone once again, and you’re just the bunch to help me do it.

The creative process is not glamorous – at least mine isn’t.

It’s challenging, scary, elusive and exasperating. Sometimes ideas flow effortlessly,
but often they do not (I have 35 unused takes of muscle butter video to prove it). But we never see that side of marketing; all we’re exposed to is the sparkly, fabulous finished product.

So why not bring a little balance to the beautifully staged world of social media and share some unpolished, imperfect, realistic footage for a change. My intention here is to outwit my worst fear of making a fool of myself and get that out of the way, straight out of the gate. I present to you my blooper reel in all it’s awkward glory. I hope it inspires you to take a scary step toward your own goals.

Here’s to supporting each other as we flip our fears the bird. And speaking of birds: the hawk is one of my spirit animals; we go way back and he always appears to me when I need encouragement. He’s graced us with a cameo in this video.

With Love,

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