Confessions of a Reformed Label Shopper

woman in sunglasses carrying shopping bags

Once upon a time, in my mid twenties, I was less interested in self actualization and more concerned with self image. One autumn day during that time, I received a¬†gift certificate for a trendy, outrageously expensive boutique, and decided to do a little shopping. As I entered the shoppe, a gorgeous associate approached wearing a … Read more


This is Bella. I had the immense honor of gifting her with a Reiki session just days ago, as she prepared for her soul’s journey home. Throughout our visit, I sensed she was far more concerned for her loving human than for herself. Despite her physical condition, her soul emitted an energy of acceptance, resolve, … Read more

How to Overcome Fear

woman in sunflower field

We all have to overcome fear during our lives. Fear of failure, rejection, abandonment are just a few of the common fears that trigger anxiety for many of us. These feel like serious topics that affect how we live our lives. But what if you considered fear from a more playful perspective? Imagine for a … Read more


Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been fascinated by the unknown. While other girls were reading The Babysitter’s Club, I had tarot cards and Edgar Cayce books from my father’s collection hidden under my bed. I devoured any reading material on magic and mysticism that I could get my hands on: ghosts, spells, … Read more