Big News for February!

the haven shoppe is opening at core pilates & yoga Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope this note finds you restful and recharging, in preparation for the energy of 2018. The winds of change are picking up, and they’ve blown right through The Haven Shoppe. Beginning February 1st, we’ll have a physical space of our own, devoted to your healing. 5620 Business Ave in Cicero, NY will be The Haven Shoppe’s new home! This tiny, sweet room shares space with Core Pilates & Yoga, the energy of which is in perfect harmony with holding private healing sessions.

The Haven Shoppe Grand Opening 

This is a space that’s been carved out for us through pretty magical means, if I do say so myself. I remember the sign I received during my very first yoga class at this location, but I didn’t know what to make of this bit of knowledge until now. To explain, I need to back up a couple years to a conversation I had with my friend, Kathy. I was describing to her my newly found love for hawks, following an incredibly vivid dream where my Native American spirit guide transformed himself from bird to man right in front of my eyes and offered me his help and guidance (I know – I can only hope these brow raising conversations don’t carry over the cubicle walls at the office where we work). One day shortly after, she reached down between her car seats for some music and came up with a Native American Drum Beats cd that she had never seen before. She had no idea where it came from but since it displayed a big hawk on the cover, she decided to gift it to me. I fell in love with every track on that album and used it regularly during reiki sessions for friends and family (still do).

Anyway, fast forward about six months to my first hot yoga class at Core Pilates & Yoga; the small and unassuming room at the front of the hall was then occupied by a marriage counselor. As I lay sweating on my back at the end of class, I settled into savasana – final resting pose – wondering if I fit in here or if I should try someplace new. In that very moment,  a song from my hawk cd began to play. I would have fallen over if I wasn’t laying down already. I knew immediately my guides were confirming I’d found my new yoga tribe. That was exactly two years ago today.

As luck would have it, the room at the front of the hall became available for rent, just as I began looking for a physical space for The Haven Shoppe.

I am so grateful and excited to hold sacred space for you in a place devoted to your personal healing, introspection and learning on your soul’s journey.

Stay tuned on social media for lots of photos as we transform this humble space into your healing sanctuary. It’s an honor and privilege to serve you in this way in the years to come. To learn more about how you can benefit from reiki, read  Reiki Benefits and How Reiki Works

With Love,


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