BellaThis is Bella. I had the immense honor of gifting her with a Reiki session just days ago, as she prepared for her soul’s journey home. Throughout our visit, I sensed she was far more concerned for her loving human than for herself. Despite her physical condition, her soul emitted an energy of acceptance, resolve, and deep peace. There were no traces of fear, self pity or regret.

Animals live in the moment and love unconditionally with all of their being, hearts wide open. Through Bella, I learned this wide openness is what allows animals to be so at ease with death. They are fully attuned to the ancient wisdom within them; strongly connected to the divine. Ironically, it is this same great, wide open love that makes their loss so incredibly difficult for the humans they leave behind.

Today, I am going to make an attempt to live and love the way Bella did: vulnerable, authentic and wide open.

Imagine how beautiful this world would be if we all aspired to be a bit more like our four legged teachers.

Rest easy, sweet girl. Thank you for the lessons. May you be healed, wholed, and running toward your next great adventure.

With Much Love,


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  1. Thank you Andrea. My Bella was a special being and we had such an amazing bond since the very first day she walked into my house. I will cherish this forever.


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