5 Qualities All Best Friends Share

Best friends. What would we do without them? Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have certain things in common. You can spot your true BFFs by looking for these 5 best friend qualities.  

You Share a Timeless Bond

Your experiences together may date back to your sandbox days, or you may have met as adults and formed an instant kinship. Either way,  you and your best friend have the distinct knowing that your souls are connected. You likely felt familiar with each other since day one. Your bond transcends time and space, too. In other words, it doesn’t matter how far apart you are or how long its been since you last connected. Whether you have exciting news or just need to vent, you always can pick up exactly where you left off.  


When we’re talking about best friend qualities, authenticity is huge. We all wear masks (and not just because of COVID!). You have the persona you portray when you’re at work, another with acquaintances, another when you’re in the mom role, and so on. But when you’re with one of these special souls, those filters come off and your true self comes through; the good, the bad and the ugly. In return, a true best friend accepts it all, with no judging. That’s what makes your interactions so nourishing for your soul. When you’re together, you know that you’re in an emotionally safe space.

You Life Each Other Up

You’ll know who your best friends are simply by the way you feel when you’re around them. Laughter magically weaves itself into the deepest conversations. If you pay close attention, you can physically feel your heart chakra open, stress hormone levels drop, and all the other immune boosting conditions that occur when relaxation response sets in (that’s the opposite of flight-fight response).  Best friends are good for your health!

Best Friends Honor Your Brand of Crazy

One of the best perks of these sacred friendships is that you don’t have to justify or rationalize why you’re feeling the way you do. She knows where your old wounds are, and how they affect your relationships and experiences. Isn’t that so comforting, to feel truly validated and understood?  On the flip side of that coin, she can serve up the dose of reality you need without beating around the proverbial bush. Her advice doesn’t offend you in the slightest, because you know that she’s coming from a pure and loving place.

You Own Property In Your Best Friend's Heart

Perhaps the sweetest thing about these sacred sisterhoods is the peace that comes from knowing your soul is completely safe with them. Their hearts happily serve as a haven for your deepest fears, most daring hopes and wildest dreams.

If you are fortunate enough to share one of these priceless sisterhoods, you are beyond blessed.  The souls of these wingless angels chose to include your well being as part of their life purpose. Is there any higher honor? Cherish these qualities in your best friends. Remember to enjoy your times together, and carry them in your hearts when you’re apart.

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XO,  Andrea

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