50 Powerful Love Affirmations to Attract and Manifest True Love

You deserve a relationship that makes your heart sing! Love affirmations are a powerful tool to for manifesting a fulfilling romantic partnership. Today I’m sharing my favorite love affirmations and powerful mindset shifts to help you manifest love with ease. Plus, you’ll get my best tip to make your affirmations work faster.

What Are Love Affirmations?

Love affirmations are positive statements that help you upgrade your feelings and beliefs about romance.

Positive affirmations are a tool for recognizing and improving thought patterns that block you from manifesting your desires. You deserve the romance of your dreams! So keep an open mind as you read these, and remember they are tools for clarity – not easy fixes. The results you see are going to be based on your dedication to improving your emotional state. 

Choose a few affirmations that make you feel excited, open, and hopeful (not overwhelmed or doubtful). That’s going to be the key to your success. You can do this! 

How Do You Manifest Love With Affirmations?

When it comes to manifesting love, you need to make the law of attraction work in your favor. In order to do this, you need to think, feel, and believe these affirmations will work for you. If you’re not familiar law of attraction, it’s a universal principle that tells us we attract experiences that match our beliefs and expectations.

So if you’re struggling to attract love and romance, it just means you have beliefs, fears, and thoughts that go against your desire. And as soon as you identify them, you can begin to heal, which will allow you to manifest the love you deserve.

Affirmations work by bringing your attention to new ways of thinking. With practice, these love affirmations will carve out new pathways in your brain.

As a result, your approach to relationships will change, and your experiences will too. The shifts will be profound, and yes, they will feel magical! 

What Do You Say When Manifesting Love?

What are your core beliefs around love? How would you typically describe your romantic life?

The stories you tell yourself and others about love are affirmations.

You might think your failed relationships have taught you to have negative beliefs about romance, and that may be true. But it’s also true that you’re attracting more negative relationships as a result of those beliefs.

In other words, every word you say on the topic of romance is shaping your future experiences.

So, it’s time to retire those old stories about things that went wrong in the past so you can break this self-sabotaging pattern. From this point forward, choose what you talk about carefully – if you don’t want it to be true, don’t say it. 

If you want to learn more about how manifesting works, read this next: How to Manifest Your Desires

What Affirmations Should I Use for Love?

You can use any of the love affirmations I’ve shared in this post or create your own. As long as your affirmation makes you feel good, it will work for you. Positive affirmations work because of the positive emotions they make you feel when you say them. When you feel love, you attract love.  

It’s also important to practice the mindset shifts that go with these affirmations further down in this post, because each one helps you to explore your beliefs from a different angle.

Remember, your core beliefs are going to determine how well these affirmations work for you. The magic is not in the affirmations themselves, but your belief in them.

Love Affirmations

Repeat these affirmations daily and watch as love manifests in your life in beautiful and unexpected ways.

  1. I am learning to love myself more each day.
  2. I radiate love, abundance, and joy.
  3. I am worthy of receiving love.
  4. My life is filled with love.
  5. I am loveable.
love affirmation: 'I am loveable'

  1. I allow myself to get closer to the people who care about me.
  2. I open my heart to love in all forms.
  3. I speak to myself with loving kindness.
  4. Love flows to me from all directions.
  5. I forgive myself for past mistakes.
love affirmation: I forgive myself.
  1. It’s safe to let go of relationships that don’t bring me joy.
  2. Lessons I’ve learned from past relationships have prepared me for my next partnership.
  3. Love flows to me abundantly and easily.
  4. I attract wonderful people into my life.
  5. I release the past with love and grace.
love affirmation: I release the past and forgive others.

  1. I am deserving of love and I attract it effortlessly.
  2. Love surrounds me and fills my heart with joy.
  3. I am open to receiving love and affection from others.
  4. I forgive others as an act of self-love.
  5. My partner is a reflection of me.
love affirmation: my partneris a reflection of me.

More Affirmations for Love

  1. Every day I let the past go a little more.
  2. I focus on what brings me joy today.
  3. I radiate love and it attracts the perfect partner to me.
  4. I am worthy of a healthy and loving relationship. 
  5. I will make a wonderful partner.
  6. I allow myself to trust and connect with others.
  7. My heart is full.
  8. I treat others the way I want to be treated.
  9. My high vibration attracts loving souls into my life.
  10. All of my relationships are healthy and harmonious.
Pinterest love affirmation 'All my relationships are happy and harmonious'

  1. I am worthy of unconditional love.
  2. I radiate love and attract loving and positive people into my life.
  3. I am worthy of a healthy and loving relationship.
  4. I am grateful for the love that surrounds me.
  5. I let my heart lead the way.
  6. I am ready to give and receive love unconditionally.
  7. I release any fear or resistance to love and embrace it fully.
  8. I am a magnet for love and it comes to me easily and naturally.
  9. I am deeply loved and supported by the universe.
  10. My heart is open to new connections.
love affirmation My heart is open to new connections.
To swipe through these affirmations manually, visit the love affirmations web story.

Affirmations For Couples

Once you’re well on the road to self-love, you can focus on your relationship with a partner.

Whether you are currently single and working on attracting your soulmate or focused on healing your existing relationship, these affirmations will help to strengthen your bond.

Repeat these affirmations together as a couple and feel the love and connection between you grow stronger each day.

  1. Our love is strong and resilient.
  2. We communicate openly and honestly with each other.
  3. We support and uplift each other in all aspects of life.
  4. Our relationship is filled with trust and mutual respect.
  5. We create a safe and nurturing space for each other to grow.
  6. We prioritize quality time together and make each other a priority.
  7. We embrace and celebrate our differences, knowing they make our relationship stronger.
  8. We forgive and let go of past hurts, focusing on the present and future.
  9. We are committed to working through challenges together, knowing that our love is worth it.
  10. Our love is a source of joy and inspiration for both of us.

Remember, these affirmations come with homework! Your main goal is to practice the mindset shifts for each of these, in order to change your vibration.

How To Use Affirmations for Love

To get the most out of your affirmations, you’ll want to incorporate them into your daily routine. Here are some tips on how to use your love affirmations:

Meditate with mala beads. Find a quiet and peaceful space where you can repeat your affirmation without distractions. Then repeat it to yourself on pink or green mala beads – the colors for manifesting love! 

Use the pillow method. This manifesting game is so easy. Simply write your affirmation on paper and sleep with it under your pillow. You can read exactly how to manifest with the pillow method here: How To Use Pillow Method Manifestation To Attract Your Dreams 

Repeat it throughout the day. Try putting a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or a reminder in your phone.

Use your affirmation as a journal prompt. Do you keep a manifesting journal? It’s a powerful way to stay focused, track your progress, and affirm your upgrades.

Find your perfect manifestation journal! ✨

17 Best Manifesting Journals in 2023: Attract Your Dreams Now

#1 Tip to Make Your Affirmations Work Faster

As an Aromatherapist and Reiki Master, I can tell you how profound the connection is between your emotional healing and sense of smell.

These affirmations for love are designed to heal your emotions and raise your vibration, so you can attract a worthy partner. Essential oils can help you do this faster. If you can associate positive emotions like love, peace, healing, and joy with a scent, you can move up the emotional scale much faster, whenever you smell that aroma.

This is the oil blend that I use to feelings of love:

RMO Heart Chakra oil blend roll-on

This blend opens your heart center and even comes with a rose quartz roller ball to help you attract love!

Mindset Shifts + Practices to Attract Love

Instead of focusing on trying to make someone love you, think of affirmations as a way to shift your mindset, so you become an irresistible magnet for your soulmate.

I strongly urge you to give these mindset shifts a try, because they are the magic that will make your affirmations work.

Practice Self-Love Daily

Do you love yourself? The road to romance begins with self-love, so this is the foundation for manifesting love from others.

So if you’ve accidentally adopted beliefs that you are somehow damaged or inferior, it’s time to kick that nonsense to the curb.  Of course you’re worthy of receiving love.

In fact, you teach others how to treat you based on you treat yourself. So in order to have lasting success in romance, you need to master this belief. The moment you start viewing yourself as worthy of love, everything will change.

If you need some help getting started, here are some ways you can practice self love:

  • choose food and drinks that nourish your body and mind 
  • work on healing addictive behaviors
  • honor your body’s requests for movement and rest  
  • commit to retiring negative self-talk
  • take time to groom your body 
  • set personal boundaries (your partner’s needs are not more important than yours)
  • if you suffer from low self esteem, focus on solar plexus chakra healing

If you aren’t feeling lovable, that’s okay. Give yourself credit for being honest, and work on implementing the upgrades listed above. You’ll also want to check this out next: How to Practice Self Love: 11 Life Changing Tips.

Forgive Yourself

You’ve probably noticed that many of the affirmations above focus on you. That’s because your internal heart healing is the first step of attracting a partner who will cherish you the way you deserve.  

Are you beating yourself up over choices you made in the past? Take this as an opportunity to let yourself off the hook, my friend. It’s completely unfair to hold yourself to such high standards. Everyone makes mistakes, and you deserve to be granted a bit of grace.

When you hold onto regret, guilt, or shame, it bruises your heart. You can’t attract love while practicing shame because these two emotions are a vibrational mismatch. Are you willing to forgive yourself now that you know it’s blocking your ability to attract the loving relationship you want?  

Remember that you are here to learn. So if you’ve learned lessons from your past, you have been successful. Be proud of the wisdom you’ve earned and give yourself permission to move forward. This brings us to our next mindset shift for attracting love.

Release the Past

Do you ever find yourself explaining all the things that went wrong with your last partner while you’re getting to know someone new? Here is your formal invitation to stop doing that! This behavior acts as romance repellent.

Here comes another hard truth:

You cannot focus on something negative from the past and expect to create something positive in the future. It’s against the universal law of attraction, which tells us we attract what we focus on. 

Its unhealthy and unfair to compare new people in your life to your old partners.

You may be convinced that being hyper-vigilant will help you avoid future disasters. But in reality, it’s just keeping your past trauma alive, which will suck the joy right out of your current experience.

If this describes you, it’s simply a sign that you have an opportunity to do some forgiveness work, which you can read more about in this guide to heart chakra healing.

Forgiving your ex may sound like a tall order, but it will allow you to cut energetic ties with that person so you can move forward.

All you need to do is get to a place where you can think of the topic without becoming upset. If you can do that much, you’ve healed enough to prevent yourself from sabotaging new relationships. The goal is to have the ability to express sincere gratitude for the wisdom you gained from your experience.

Your emotions truly are that powerful. Where are you on the emotional scale in this moment?

Don’t Compromise Your Standards

Can you think of a time when you settled for the company of someone simply because it was better than being alone?  As you learn to love yourself more, you may notice shifts in some of your relationships.

Characters in your life who aren’t genuinely invested in your well being will drift away, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s necessary because it means your bond with them was toxic. This is natural part of the healing process that will help you make room in your life for people who are ready to connect with you on a deeper level.   

Change can be scary, but it’s a necessary step toward the upgrades you deserve.

Raise Your Vibration

Everything you experience in the external world is a reflection of your inner world. As you practice the mindset shifts we’ve discussed, your vibration will naturally begin to rise. As a result, you will attract more fulfilling relationships.  

Take a look at yourself in the role of partner.  Do you wear yourself out trying to change your partner or control their actions?

If so, it’s time to accept the truth that you cannot change anyone. Plus, people will resent you for trying. This may be an uncomfortable fact to face, but the more you can allow others to be their authentic selves around you, (even if you see room for improvement), the more freedom you’ll experience for yourself. 

You’ll seriously be amazed by the beauty you bring out in others when give them this gift of acceptance.  All healthy, lasting romances have plenty of room built in for their partner to breathe.   

Keep Your Heart Open

Finally, if you’ve been burned before, it can be difficult to let yourself connect with someone new. But the truth is, you can’t make meaningful connections while your guard is up.

So this mindset shift asks you to be brave and allow yourself to feel. Remember, your partner is a mirror of you, so if you’re guarded and defensive, you’re going to attract a partner who has emotional baggage too. These heart chakra affirmations will help you to heal, so you can love fully.

Can Affirmations Make Someone Love You?

Let’s get a common misconception cleared up now: no one has the power to make someone else feel love against their will. And in spiritual truth, you wouldn’t want that anyway!

Plus, if you’re pining away over someone, or feeling desperate for their attention, you’re working against yourself. As we talked about above, law of attraction is always delivering you experiences based on how you feel. So if you’re always feeling like your partner is out of reach, that feeling is going to get bigger and bigger.

Your true power lies in your ability to focus. The more you practice feelings of joy, love, and fun, the stronger a magnet you become for manifesting a relationship that evokes those emotions.


You deserve a life filled with love, romance, and sweetness. These affirmations for self love and romance will get you there, if you put in the time. In fact, every area of your life will benefit when you put these mindset shifts into practice. 

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and experiences!

XO, Andrea

list of love affirmations
list of love affirmations for beginners
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Andrea has been practicing Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot for many years. She is a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Master in Central NY, and also holds a Masters Degree from Syracuse University. Andrea loves helping her readers bring more spiritual self-care into their lives.

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